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Why Plants are Awesome

An introduction to why plants are awesome (introduction, why plants are important, why they are enjoyable, and why they are interesting). Glances over taxonomy, pollination, seed dispersal, hormones, movement, etc.

Scott Jones

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of Why Plants are Awesome

Why Plants are Awesome Plants are Interesting Plants are Enjoyable Beautiful Tasty Fragrant Movement & Hormones Pollination Dispersal Lifestyles Agriculture Secondary Metabolites Ecosystem Services Plants are Important Without plants there would be nothing to eat! During photosynthesis, plants release oxygen and take up carbon dioxide

They absorb water, heat, and wind which lessens storm runoff, prevents drought, prevents erosion, cools the surrounding environment, and prevents wind damage Poisons Carnivorous Plants need pollinators in order to sexually reproduce Plants rely on many different factors to disperse their offspring (seeds) Fruits vs. Veggies Archaea Bacteria Eukarya Archaebacteria Eubacteria Fungi Animalia Plantae Protista Mosses Ferns Angiosperms Gymnosperms Eudicotyledons Basal Groups Monocotyledons Producers Primary Consumers Secondary Consumers Decomposers Nutrient Cycling Producers Primary Consumers Secondary Consumers Decomposers Energy Flow 3% 10% 10% We get our nutrients and
energy from plants Medicine Illicit Drugs Industry Caffeine When is it a fruit? If it has seeds, it's a fruit (botanically) Vegetables can be many different parts of a plant Stems Leaves Buds Roots Parasitic Associations Wind Bee Butterfly Fly Bat Bird Small inconspicuous flowers
Lots of small pollen
Little or no nectar/scent
Large stigmas to catch pollen Often blue or yellow
UV patterns, and scent
Nectar/pollen reward Often pink/purple/orange
Large flowers with landing pads
Long tubes of flowers and scent
Nectar reward Large flowers with landing pad
Often white
Open at night with scent
Lots of nectar Often red or maroon
Smell like rotting flesh/dung
Often traps to slow flies down
Usually no nectar reward Often bright red
Long tubes with nectar
Usually no scent Some plants go to the extreme Gravity Wind Water Animals Gravity often works in concert with other dispersal mechanisms Jack Pine Plants can move... Sort of Tropisms Directional growth/movement
Response to external stimuli Gravitropism Phototropism Hydrotropism Thigmotropism Gravity Water Light Touch Nastic Movements Nondirectional growth/movement
Response to external stimuli Photonasty Nyctinasty Thigmonasty Plant Hormones (Plants can be angsty too) Growth Dormancy Ripening Defense Auxin (IAA) Gibberellic Acid (GA) Gibberellic Acid (GA) Abscisic Acid (ABA) GA ABA GA ABA Ethylene Salicylic Acid (SA) Jasmonic Acid (JA) Images from: Wikipedia.org, glogster.com, studyblue.com, dr-ralf-wagner.de, glbrc.org, talesfrommyplate.wordpress.com, birds.com, 123rf.com, onlyhdwallpapers.com, outdooralabama.com, nybg.com, mayang.com, out-here.co.uk, gymnosperms.org, centralpark.com, mykitcheninspain.blogspot.com, corncorps.wordpress.com, munsonhybrids.wordpress.com, biobook.nerinxhs.org, daycd.org, yourmoney-yourplanet.com, fantasystock.deviantart.com, carsoncity.k12.mi.us, lni.wa.gov, cleancoal.pro, kindredthreads.blogspot.com, dogheadsecrets.wordpress.com, chemistry.about.com, houseoflowers.com, image.imagesunion.com, pasaporteblog.com, brettseymourphotography.blogspot.com, carlfrench.co.uk, batkya.deviantart.com, micahelminn.net, apfelbeck.com, stayhealthyla.org, americanseedroots.com, veggiekart.com, maddocksfarmorganics.blogspot.com, florafinder.com, blog.lib.umn.edu, bio.brandeis.edu, npr.org, mbreiding.us, digitalbotanicgarden.blogspot.com, powellgardens.blogspot.com, fiddleheadcreek.com, skinnyislandpost.blogspot.com, naturetime.wordpress.com, saratogawoodswaters.blogspot.com, flickr.com, inciweb.org, pnas.org, botit.botany.wisc.edu, biosci.ohiostate.edu, blogs.swarthmore.edu, unews.utah.edu, edscitutors.co.uk, blog.modernmechanix.com, faculty.uca.edu
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