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Guerrilla Warfare

No description

Emily Koke

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Guerrilla Warfare

Guerrilla Warfare
By: Emily Koke

What Is Guerrilla Warfare and which side did it benefit?
What effect on the Revolutionary War did Guerrilla Warfare have?
Guerrilla Warfare was used where and when in the American Revolution?
On April 19th 1775 in the battle of Concord and Lexington Guerrilla Warfare was used by the Patriots as the British retreated. Nathanael Greene would retreat his army luring the British away from their supplies and the a small group of Nathanael Greene's men would raid the British supplies.
Randoms facts about Guerrilla Warfare I have no place for.
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Guerrilla Warfare is when an armed group that uses unusual strategies to take down their opponent. The armed groups are normally small to allow them to move around quickly unlike large armies. In the American Revolution Guerrilla Warfare benefited the Patriots. The Patriots would use Guerrilla Warfare to put the British in a sort of panic.
The American Army would use Guerrilla Warfare tactics to take down British Soldiers. It gave the Americans a sort of edge. Almost like the American Army was ruthless killers if there was something worth fighting for. With the use of Guerrilla Warfare the Patriots killed more British soldiers.

Fransic Marion also known as the Swamp Fox would use Guerrilla Warfare tactics.
Guerrilla Warfare goes back to The Chinese general Sun Tzu (6th Century B.C) who is the first person known to propose that these tactics should be used.
Guerrilla- A fighter who is apart of a group that is battling a higher authority. That is why its called Guerrilla Warfare.
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