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Heist Society

No description

Addie Wilkinson

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Heist Society

Society By Ally Carter 271 Pages Modern Realistic Fiction About the Author Ally Carter Grew up in Oklahoma with parents and sister Co-valedictorian of her high school class Went to Cornell and Oklahoma State University Worked in Agriculture Started writing full time Books: I’d Tell You I Love You but Then I’d Have to Kill You
Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy
Cheating at Solitaire
Learning to Play Gin
Don’t Judge a Girl By Her Cover Sequels to Heist Society Uncommon Criminals
Perfect Scoundrels ("Detailed Bio" ). Setting Physical- All over Europe and New York. "Stepping inside the old Brooklyn brownstone, Kat felt the sun disappear behind a heavy wooden door, blocking out a neighborhood that had spent the last sixty years morphing from trendy to shady and back again" (Carter 40). New York Paris "Kat used to love Paris. She remembered being there with her parents-eating croissants, visiting a pyramid, and carrying six red balloons. It wasn't until years later that she realized it hadn't been a fun family outing- that actually they 'd been casing the Louvre at the time, Still, the memories made her smile as she bought a pastry from her father's favorite cafe and carried it outside into the chilly wind" (Carter 23). Time- modern day "They did not see the pale boy with the backpack and gaming device who wandered the halls aimlessly. . . " (Carter 142). Conditions- Steals for a living Katarina "Kat" Bishop 15 years old
Short hair
Wants to protect her dad
Part of the Family W.W. Hale the Fifth 16
Light Brown Hair
Steals for fun Gabrielle Long Blonde Hair
Cares about Kat's dad
Part of the Family Simon Characters Uncle Eddie The Bagshaws Kat's Dad Arturo Taccone Visily Romani Conflict Character vs. Character Character vs. Self Character vs. Society Character vs. Group Kat Arturo Taccone Kat Hale Kat Kat Colgan Kat Interpol Kat's Dad Kat The Family Point of View Third person omniscient "Fifteen days. Somehow, to Hale, it felt longer" (Carter 235). "He smiled at her, and Kat couldn't help herself: a part of her wondered whether this man had more faith in her than her own uncle, maybe even more than her own father" (Carter 148). Late fall early winter "A cold wind blew through the tower and down onto the square where her father stood" (Carter 167). Plot Katarina is kicked out of Colgan Kat meets with Taccone and he gives her two weeks to recover his paintings. They discover Visily Romani, a pseudonima for ancient thieves, was behind the heist. They discover the paintings are hidden behind five paintings at the Henley in Paris. They start the She finds out her father is being accused of stealing Arturro Taccone's paintings. Kat and Hale start to unravel the mystery of the missing paintings. Uncle Eddie said they shouldn't try to interfere. Hale and Kat decide to continue anyway Gabrielle, the Bagshaws, Simon, Nick, Hale and Kat began planning how to steal the paintings back. Heist Nick Mood Hopeful You want Kat to find the paintings and save her dad from Taccone. "'He can't return what he didn't steal,'Kat pleaded, but the elegant man only laughed a slow cold laugh and called to the driver" (Carter 33). Determined Kat won't give up on finding the paintings. "She stopped and studied Hale. The look in his eyes told her that if her father's safety was something that could have been purchased, he would have written her a check, sold his Monet, his Bentley, his soul" (Carter 103). Theme-Implied Family will always be there for you Overall Impression Did I like it? Yes 0 10 8.5 The book was good but some parts were confusing. What did I remember most? I remember Kat's love for her father and will to save him. My Connection Kat loves her family so much she would do anything for them. I would also do anything for my family. Memorable Passage "'Now, Dad. You're fine now. You can get coffee and read newspapers and put on a show for whoever Interpol has following you that day. But if Taccone doesn't get his paintings back, five days from now there's going to be a moment when Interpol isn' t watching and you're not thinking, and then Arturo Taccone's gonna be here and you will be anything but fine'" (Carter 167-168). This passage stuck out to me because Kat is pleading with her dad to stay safe. Heist
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