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Candy Waterfall By:Christopher and Brandon

best ediable experament ever

Beth Rosenow

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Candy Waterfall By:Christopher and Brandon

Candy Waterfall
Determine how the size of different granular materials affects their mass flow rate through a funnel.

Our hypothesis is the rice is going flow the fastest
Cardboard box, medium-sized
Kitchen scale that can measure in grams;
Cup or mug for scooping granular materials candy, rice
1. First we cut out a hole in the box.
2. Then we placed the funnel into the whole in the box.
3.Then we put the mixing bowl under the box.

skittles 19seconds
nerds 5 seconds
rice 25 seconds
Our hypothesis was wrong because we said the rice would flow the fastest. Well the nerds went down the fastest. If we were to do this experiment again we would like to have a bigger funnel so the candy and rice can slide through easier.
Data Analysis
Trials run for each substance: 1
Trial times- Skittles: 19sec.
Nerds: 5sec.
Rice: 25sec.
Average time: 49sec.
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