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Semicolons and Colons

Made by J. Pack at JWMS

Jessica Pack

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Semicolons and Colons

Semi-Colons and Colons Create Semi-Colon Colon Homework Develop a product and write a business letter to Mrs. Pack. Identify and use semi-colons to join independent clauses, and use colons correctly when writing a comic using Comic Life on an iPad. A semi-colon connects two independent clauses and replaces a conjunction. When using a semi-colon, make sure you leave out the conjunction, or the sentence is incorrect. The mouse loves stinky cheese; he got stuck in a trap because he couldn't resist the cheesy goodness. ; A semi-colon looks like this... Gestures Example: A semi-colon looks like this... : A colon is used in time and on warning signs. 11:45 Write your own example. Gestures Your Turn: Examples A colon is used at the beginning of a list, but can't be used after a verb. I need the following items: milk, cheese, bread. Write your own example. Gestures Your Turn: Example Warning: Do not use without supervision. Caution: Wet Floor : A colon is used in a business letter greeting. Dear Sir: Write your own example. Gestures Your Turn: Example To Whom It May Concern: Write a comic about a character and topic of your choice. Use 2 semi-colons and all 4 types of colons. Use colons after the salutation in business letters, semicolons to connect independent clauses, and commas when linking two independent clauses with a conjunction in compound sentences. Standard: Our Goal Today: Whiteboard
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