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Site showcase - Lancheras.com

A look at the site for the LVSF team Lancheras de Cataño

RCL Systems

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of Site showcase - Lancheras.com

Site showcase:
Lancheras.com Main Page This page is the official website for the LVSF team
"Lancheras de Cataño", of the Puerto Rico Volleyball Federation.
It was built using the Joomla Content Management System (CMS).
It is one of the most dyanmic pages in the league, and the only one to feature the integration of the team's local Internet broadcast from Ustream.
Game broadcast page Official team logo designed by partner
OJ Correa Updated heading to improve typeface and resolution Rotating headline slideshow gives the site movement and dynamism, making it stand out from many of the other team sites in the LVSF Sponsor logos rotate in slideshow in the first page view, adding value Upcoming game is shown using team logos for more color Previous game results and standings at the center of the page, provide instant info on the team's status Visitor counter provides simple information on site visits to team ownership Facebook group link, showing numer of fans and a sample of profile pictures Guestbook allows fans to comment and interact with each other Team's Internet broadcast stream
from UStream shown here, integrated into the Site Viewers can chat with each other with integrated UStream chat. Team broadcast engineer monitors the chat, without the need to login to website. visit the site at www.lancheras.com RCL Systems Creative Web Site Engineering
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