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Create Your Own Country Project

No description

Momoca Sturdivant

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Create Your Own Country Project

Create Your Own Country Project
The Name of my country is Momopi.
prounounced as (Momo + the letter p)
Government/ Political System
Momopi's political system is the democratic system.
Educational System
Math and speaking/writing English and Japanese are the required subjects.
Employment system
Students will be trained by formal education and job training for future employments.
Economic System
Our country's economic system resembles the Capitalist system.
System of Law
Trading and Foreign Policy
Military Systems
Transportation Systems
Cultural Systems
It's dominant languages is English and Japanese as represented in the Momopi flag, Momo mean peach in Japanese.
There is a population of 200 million people in Momopi.
Also leadership is decided by the number of votes.
The educational model in Momopi has school only 4 days a week.
Homework is also optional and school would start at 10 AM.
Students are separated by age group.
Our monetary unit is yen. Compared to the U.S. dollar, the yen has $5 and $1 coins.
Legislators make the laws in Momopi.
Momoca Sturdivant
Our country relies on the protection of other countries such as the United States.
Using the bus is our primarily transportation in Momopi.
Other than roads, the Shinkansen(Bullet train) is another part of transportation.
If someone breaks the law such as, destroying public property, stealing stuff or using cellphones while driving can be punished by a verbal warning or a fine of 30,000 yen.
We provide anime and manga merchandise to other countries.
We do not deny trade with other countries Momopi is self-sufficient so we do not need outside trade.
We do not have any military organizations.
Thank you for watching!
Music:Sakura Drops(instrumental)
Our country has unique rules such as wearing pink on a certain day and taking your cat on a walk.
Girly and tomboy styles are popular clothing styles depending on the person.
Music such as J-pop and video game music is popular.
The most dominant sport is basketball.
Our country is separate by racial groups such as Whites,Asians,Blacks,etc. And all race is present in Momopi.
Depending on the results of their test skills,students will get the job.
4.9% of the people are unemployed.
We do not have any government programs to help unemployed citizens.
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