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HCI Lesson 2

No description

Gwen Lyseight

on 13 March 2011

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Transcript of HCI Lesson 2

HCI Impact on Economy and Culture describes the ways the users interact with computers Last week we looked at the impact HCI has on Society. Can you remember any of them? Improving usability Hostile environment Complexity Specialised Interfaces Well done What is HCI? in business time is money, users can respond more easily and quickly to commands with devices that allows for greater productivity Think of an example for example a text reader that translates text into speech, a future development might be thought input the work environment is changing because equipment has changed considerably over the last 20 years. The work locations have also changed due to mobile communications allowing people to work away from the office or at home. Impact on Economy Impact on culture How people now use computers Society Economy Culture Consistent approach to tool bars, menus and GUI means users can transfer easily from one Software to anther e.g. Microsoft Word and Power Point
Virtual reality systems can be used to train pilots, astronauts and racing drivers, so they learn their skills without risking their lives Remote control robots are useful for environments that are hostile to humans. For example war zones. specialist software has been developed to help those with sight or speech impairments use computers Productivity per individual Increased automation Varied working conditions: Texting has grown rapidly. PDAs and other devices are used instead of diaries and can access the internet remotely.
Emails have replaced memos and in some cases letters Technical developments have supported workers carrying out everyday tasks and growth of people working from home.
adverse effects Less verbal and face-to-face interactions. Physcological and sociological impact of IT
Less variety in some work environments What does HCI stand for and what does it mean?
Test yourself What does GUI stand for and what does it mean?
What is the term used to describe a computer system that is easy to use?
Describe at least one impact of HCI on society Describe at least one impact of HCI on the economy Describe at least one impact of HCI on culture Some people may hide behind their computers. People can get distracted or addicted to online networking, games or other entertainment Deskilling, leading to workers feeling less valued and motivated Machinery has taken away needs for some specialist trades such as Sign Writing Some trades are in danger of dying out. Now based on the assignment you have created produce P1.
Ensure you include:
Improving usability
Hostile environment
Specialised Interfaces
Productivity per individual
Increased automation
Varied working conditions
How people use computers
Adverse effects
Physiological and sociological impact of IT
Please also ensure you give FULL details and lots of examples
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