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True Colors Personality Test

No description

Amy Williams

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of True Colors Personality Test

Lives in here and now!
Playful. Negotiator. Creative.
"Just Do It!" attitude! BLUE Cooperative. Collaborative. Creative.
Seeks unity and harmony!
Nurturer! About the True Colors Personality Test! GOLD Respects authority!
Efficient. Practical. Orderly.
Work comes before play! Self-Sufficient. Persistent. Intellectual.
Improvement oriented!
Checks for accuracy! Learn about yourself and others! True Color Personality Test Famous "Blues":
Mozart, Cinderella,
Thomas Jefferson,
and Mohammed Ali Compatible with Gold, but conflict the most with Orange. Famous "Golds":
George Washington,
Santa Claus, Joan Rivers, and Henry Ford Compatible with Blue, but conflict the most with Green. ORANGE Famous "Oranges":
Lucille Ball, Winston
Churchill, Garfield, and JFK. Compatible with Green, but conflict the most with Blue. GREEN Famous "Greens":
Sherlock Holmes, Eleanor Roosevelt, Ben Franklin, and Katharine Hepburn Compatible with Orange, but conflict the most with Gold. The End! Please turn in your paper with your name on it!
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