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fabiana comanducci

on 23 September 2015

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Describe the people management practices of the Merchant Bank of Canada
Evaluate MacKinnon's handling of :
1- His mandate from Margarete and Eldon
Design an action plan
3- The implementation of a new stategy
2- The people problems in the group
1- His mandate from Margarete and Eldon

2- The people problems in the group

3- The implementation of a new stategy

4- The implementation of a new team building
The issues began at the very top of the organization, in the form of the conflict between Margaret and Eldon. Between them there is a clear lack in the working relationship shared by Margaret and Eldon that results in conflicting expectations of Chuck. According to Eldon, he and Margaret share a ‘you leave me alone, I’ll leave you alone and we’ll just work together but keep our distance’ type of arrangement. This kind of friction generally can create barriers between people within the organizations, resulting in poor working relationships. This is exactly what has happened here between Margaret and Eldon, leading to a confused vision for Chuck.
Chuck hasn’t caught the importance of this lack of coordination between his superiors and he missed to request more clarity with regards his strategic assignments.
Chuck immediately recognizesa communication problem in implementing the strategy. There exists communication barriers,as the team is reluctant to shift to new upcoming technology offered by Chuck several times.The Montreal group do notuse e-mail or notebook in Canada. Chuck recognizes also a geographical problem in the strategy implementation so he tries to solve itthrough Travel. However,both solutions were not enough.
When Chuck arrived in NY, he faced problems within the Montreal group. The workers wanted to move to NY. The communication between Montreal and NY was insufficient, while the relationship between the people in Canada was not good. It seems that there is no a formalized people management, everything seems arranged and addressed in the moment it occurs. Thus, Chuck decide to use the following practices:

a)Investigated means in order to successfully operate as a team across 2 countries, with the help of technology and by traveling

b)Enhanced the technology by providing workers with additional technological equipment

c)Provided to the group “skill-enhancing courses”, as a training method in order to achieve the 2 main goals. With a minimum of 10 training days per year, Chuck hoped that he could firstly manage to teach Montreal people to perform as a team and secondly succeed in expanding into other product lines

d)Tried to be as close as possible to every individual, in order to solve every problem within the group

4- The implementation of a new team building
With regards the incentive to create a team that affectively work together despite the geographical dispersion, Chuck has opted for skill-enhancing courses. He enrolled the entire group in courses to improve the organizational skills to increase the level of camaraderie of all the members. Chuck himself thought that “people came out good friends”. The success pushes Chuck to hire an external consultant as team-building course instructor. The schedule provided a minimum of 10 training days per year, a number that exceeded the average for the Bank
The problems are both intragroup and between the two geographical groups (Montreal and New York).
In the main problems we find :
1- Patrickand Dale’s problem with potential alcoholism. Thisis not faced by Chuck who instead, tries to protect them believing in their self-regulation (so suggesting them a specific program)and lacking in his leadership attitude. In Patrick’s case, Chuckhas forgotten motivation. Chuck has not exercised his emotional intelligence by not recognizing that Patrick’s major strength lies in traditional Cash Management. By relying more on Lynne Morris and Bill Russel for handling traditional cash management issues, Chuck has taken away from Patrick a major motivational factor.
2- Neil creates problems by resisting theinnovation for personal ideas and so it is an interpersonal conflict between Neil and Chuck.Neil, at the age of 50, is reluctant to adapt to the new strategy. Considering Neil’s age and his longer work tenure of 15years on the existing strategy, Chuck tried to impose the new strategy on him without assessing his capability. By recognizing Neil’s experience andusing rewards and compensation, Chuck could have motivated Neil.
3- The conflict involving Deitr is a person-role conflict and is arising from cultural differences. He is also involved in a conflict with his colleagues. He has a huge problem in communication because he does notknow proficiency Englishandbecause he is too rude and often he writes to all not respecting the organizational hierarchy and creating mess and confusion. Chuck tries toexplain the importance of learning Englishbut he does notdo anything in concrete, relying on Deitr self-regulation.
Should MacKinnon stay on and lead the group?
Chuck had tried to lead the group towards improvements and strategy’s implementation, but in doing so, he should have shown which would be the advantages, both in terms of individual and company performance. It could enhance individuals’ commitment. In order to deal with group problems, a future leader of this group should align individual with group goals and needs.
1)Meeting with Margaret and Eldon, in order to define specific goals and develop a strategic business plan. Agree on a specific management style. 2)Meet the group and announce the goals/plans/strategies and management style.
3)Transfer workers from NY to Montreal and from Montreal to NY, in order to transfer the skills
4)Develop a training program, based on the characteristics of individuals, on the groups and the environment at a whole.
5)Make the learning process understandable and valuable. 6)Let people have active behaviors and take initiatives.
7)Let people take the impacts of their actions.
8)No need for a punishment. BUT it is important to have awards (increase the income).
Anysia Athanasopoulou
Federica Bizzoni
Fabiana Comanducci
Cristina Costanzo
Yuri Dionisi
Daniele Favero
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