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azla presentation - BR

No description

Katie OConnor

on 10 January 2017

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Transcript of azla presentation - BR

The Challenging News
Cross Promotion
So NOT Your
Library Display

Library Resources
The Good News
Why Merchandise?
How did it all start?
1. Strategic Plan
2. Team forms
3. We research
4. Create Mission Statement

Mission Statement
We will connect with our community and
raise awareness
of the services Scottsdale Public Library offers by combining best merchandising practices of the retail world with the library world.
of Americans ages 16 and older say public libraries are important to their communities
know only a portion
of what their library does
Retail Merchandising is a Point of Sale strategy
Retail Merchandising can be done on a small budget
Creating a memorable and brand identifying environment
Poisoned Pen
Major Topic in the Library World.
Who is Merchandising For?

Avid Readers
Casual Readers
Impulsive Patrons
2/3 of patrons surveyed did not know what they wanted before they arrived at the library
The How-To of Merchandising
Incorporate Retail Principles using Library Resources
Merchandising is About Telling a Visual
Create A Theme
Use the Calendar of Events to
Find Programs to Promote.
Promote SPL Services
1. Plan & Decide on a Theme
2. Decide what to promote
3. Target Audience
We want patrons

their library
Social Media,
Online Classes,
& Goodreads
Use Merchandising Principles
Focal Point
Color, Contrast & Texture
Balance & Symmetry
Face Out
Keep it Simple, Clean & Appealing
Quality Control
Clean & Pristine Condition
Well Stocked
Only items people want to take home
Using Props
Psychology of Color
Talk with your local branch representative
Promote Events
Promote SPL programs
Promote SPL Services
4. Choose Display Materials
5. Choose Your Props
6. Create a Focal Point
7. Face Out Display
8. Balance, Color, Symmetry
9. Beware of Clutter
10. Keep it Simple & Appealing
11. Quality Control
12. Ask For Input
How-To of Merchandising
1. Create Theme
Barnes & Noble
Where do we go from here?
Use Merchandising as a Means to Inform and Promote Our Services and E-Content
We Talked to the
(A Lot)
We Made Observations.
Retail Visual Merchandising
Principles and Practices
Into How We Merchandise
We Learned.
We Knew What Was Needed to Make Our Displays Look Polished.
Visual Merchandising is displaying merchandise & decor in a store in a way that elicits a positive image of the store, gets the customer's attention and entices them to buy.

What is Visual Merchandising?
Merchandising is a
Impulsive Patrons
50% of the patrons pulled an item off of the shelf while browsing.
56% of the patrons spent less than 10 minutes in the library. This is typically associated with bookstores & grocery stores.
Careful placement of displays in heavily trafficked areas will get your products noticed.
These patrons are prime targets for material suggestions & service pitches by library staff
(Developing A Plan)
Your Display should:
Nordstrom vs. TJ Maxx
Present the right image for our brand.
Create desire and action (check out our stuff!).
Create a good impression.
Set the tone & character of the library.
Pay Attention to the Details
The Key Component to Raising Awareness is to Create an Attractive Display
Highlight Library Services
Library Events
Local events & Local Partners
Library Resources
"Color affects visual merchandising by attracting people within the first five seconds, which communicates an immediate association or emotion." - Mark Clifton
Color Subliminally Communicates Meaning
Black: Credible
Purple: Creative
Gray: Neutral
Colors Have Cultural Meanings too.
Take for Instance the Color Red
Western :
Valentines Day
Eastern :
Good Fortune
Worn by Brides
Symbol of Joy When Combined
With White
India :
Color of purity, fertility, love, beauty
Wealth, Opulence and Power
A Sign of a Married Woman
Color of Fear and Fire
Use props that are closely related to your theme.

Props support the visual story not detract from it
rops should bring your display to life.
Keep it Simple
Keep it Neat
Keep it Free of Clutter
Give 'em Something to Talk About
Your display may inspire questions.
Take the opportunity to introduce patrons to a service, program, event or digital content.
When patrons discover information while not looking directly for it, the reaction is often surprise and happiness.
"Color is such a pervasive part of everyday life that one tends to take it for granted."
- Crowley
Barnes & Noble
Poison Pen Bookstore
CoS Community Interest Survey
of households have a need for the Library
Pew Report
state that the Library is the most
important facility in City of Scottsdale
Pew Report
CoS Community Interest Survey
Not Interested or
Don't Know What is Offered
Increased circulation in merchandised material
Increased eMedia circulation
Program attendance
Anecdotal evidence
2/5 of staff trained
Collaborative projects across depts. & branches
Obstacles overcome
The Future:
Digital Signage
Create how-to videos
Volunteer training
Pinterest inspiration board
Social media presence
Nurture collaborative relationships
Tapping into inner creativity and collaborating creates synergy.
We want to hear your successes and answer your questions.
Rossan Santos
Bethany Ronnberg
Amy Osteen
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