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Local, State, and National Government for 3rd Grade

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Mandy Phelps

on 3 November 2012

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Transcript of Local, State, and National Government for 3rd Grade

Local, State, and National Government

The National Government protects our country! National Government Most commonly state leaders are elected into the offices of the state government.
Some of the elected offices that we, as citizens vote for are; governor, senators, and judges. State Government There are two types of local government: city and county.
Leaders are elected by the people.
Some the jobs that local governments are responsible for include; keeping up local roads, schools, and parks. Local Government The leader of the state government is the “governor”.
The governor is responsible for signing state bills into law, and has many of the same jobs as the president of the U.S. on the national level.
Like; leading the states executive branch, and determining what should and should not be in the state’s budget. State Government Also local governments provide services like; fire fighting, law enforcement, citizen protection, and even trash collection. Local Governments Local, State, National Government: 3 levels The President is the leader of our National Government and also works with other countries.
Each of the 50 United States has 2 senators that serve in the National Government as representatives.
National Government
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