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An Anti-Bias Curriculum Approach

No description

diana lyon

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of An Anti-Bias Curriculum Approach

An Anti-Bias Curriculum Approach Bias
An attitude, belief, or feelin
that results in and helps to justify
unfair treatment of a person because
of his/her identity.
Culture The accumulated habits,
attitudes, and beliefs of a group
of people that define for them
their general behavior and way of
life; the total set of learned activites
of a people.
Diversity The state or fact of being
diverse; difference; unlikeness Ethnicity Identity with or membership in
a particular racial, national, or cultural
group and observance of that group's
customs, belief and language. Race refers to the concept of dividing
people into populations or groups on
the basis of various sets of characteristics
and beliefs about common ancestry. The most
widely used humar racial categories are based on
visual traits (especially skin color, facial features,
hair texture) and self identification.
Multicultural pertaining to, or representing
several different cultures or cultural
elements; a multicultural society
Classroom Approaches
to teaching about differences:

Multicultural Anti-Bias Teaching for Change
First Cohort in Ohio
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