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No description

isabelle romano

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Divergent

Veronica Roth
Page number :
Dauntless initiation is an important setting because Tris meets another main character , named Four
Dauntless initiation

Divergent is a book about a 16 year old girl named Beatrice or Tris . Tris 's world is split up into five groups called factions, at age 16 they take a test to see what faction they stay in for the rest of their live,the factions are called Abnegation the selfless, Amity the peaceful,Candor the honest, Dauntless the brave and Erudite the intelligent.
Tris lives in Abnegation where
vanity is punished and where everybody help each other, Tris is confused about what faction she is supposed to live in.
On the day of the test Beatrice
meets Tori a dauntless woman
that will help her determined
what faction she will go in.
when she is done the test, her test
results are inconclusive which means
she is divergent.
So Tris chooses dauntless at the choosing
ceremony. At the dauntless compound
she meets a group of friends and the
training couch Four.The dauntless have many adventures. Tris and Four share their fears and find out they are are both different. They go on an adventure to
foil the Erudite leders evil plan.

Tris : Personality traits
I think Four is brave because when the Erudite try to over rule one of the factions, Four and Tris stop the simulations and save the city.

I think Tris is brave because at the Dauntless initiation she volunteers first to jump off a high building into what looks like a bottomless pit
Trait #1
Tris is selfless because when Will [her friend] and the group of dauntless are throwing knifes , Will misses the target and the group leader Eric makes him stand in front of a target while four throws knifes at him. Before Four starts throwing knifes Tris
stops him and takes his place
at the target.

Trait #2
Trait #3
Four's personality traits
Trait #2
I think Four is frightened because when he goes into the simulation he faces his worse fears and he tries to overcome his fears but he could'nt .

Trait #3
Genre: action sci-fi
In the Divergent
there are
four books in
the series
divergent is the first book

insurgent is the sequel of divergent it's about the rebellion
allegiant is the third book in the series ,it is about the factionless taking over the city and a group of people form a group called allegiant
four is the fourth book in the
series it is about four's back story [one of the main charecters]
I think Tris is caring because when Edward the highest ranked initiative gets stabbed in the eye with a butter knife by a evil selfish guy named Peter while he's asleep , Tris comes to his aid and waits till the doctors arrive.

pg # 58
I think Four is helpful because when Tris and Four go into his fear simulation Four shows Tris how a dauntless would handle the situation so that the Erudite don't think she's divergent .

Trait #1
On page 58 I visualized how Tris looked when she jumped into the pit and how everybody else watched .
When something tragic happens to Tris I felt how frightened and sad she was, and I felt how even though she was unhappy she still had to protect the weak and be strong.
After chapter 2 I wondered what faction Tris would choose, if she would choose Abnegation and stay with her family or go to Dauntless and be free
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