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Origin Achetypes in Mythology


kylie klein

on 12 September 2011

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Transcript of Origin Achetypes in Mythology

Creation Myths Maya Wooden People The Birth of Hawaii Comparing Character Types, Plot Structure and Themes Creation Origin Myth Wanted: Characteristics Required: Empty, souless wooden people have no recolection of their maker, until the gods come down and successfuly destroy them. Their possesions and allies turn on them, crushing their faces and all their ties. Their cooking untensils and hearthstones jump up from the flames causing them pain. Monkeys were left as a sign of this, because the wood alone shapes the world. The volcano Goddess Pele, discovers the island of Hawaii and eventually falls for a cheif of a nearby island she saw in a dream. Pele sends her sister to fetch her lover on a forty day quest, but speculates that her sister has betrayed her, thus, with her fury, covers that land with lava. In the end, Pele brings back the chief that dies and lets him choose the sister he loves. Upon choosing the sister, Pele gives her blessing and now rules as the Fire Goddess of Hawaii. Two beings, Tepeu and Gucumatz, dream up the world, thus it comes in being. Because nothing could praise them, they scupt beings out of clay, but the clay falls apart leaving them to make beings out of wood. Because the wooden people caused problems, gods sent a flood to wipe them out. Origin Achetypes in Mythology By Sarah Johns & Kylie Klein Charater Types Wooden People Birth of Hawaii Mayan about the created
about wooden people
flood sent by wrath of gods about the namer
about a wrathful, then remorsful goddess about the creater
created wooden & clay people
gods then sent flood to wipe them out Theme Wooden people Birth of Hawaii Mayan Creation of wooden people
Destruction of wooden people
Rebirth through flood Creation of islands & names
Destruction of land by eruption
Rebirth of cheif and of sisterly love Creation of wooden & clay beings
Destruction of clay and wooden people
Rebirth through flood Plot Structure Wooden people Birth of Hawaii Mayan Empty wooden people are created
The creator sends natural forces to destroy them
Their faces are crushed
The people are overthrown
Their wood is used to shape the world Pele follows the birghtest star
She stumbles upon Hawaii
After naming everything, she falls in love with a man in her dream
She sends her sister on a quest to find him
Doubting her loyalty, Pele erupts over the island
All is forgiven, and the man chooses the sister as his lover Tepeu & Gucumatz ponder the world and it comes into being
Without poeple to praise them, they create beings of clay
When the clay fell apart, they crafted wooden people who caused trouble
Gods sent a flood to wipe them out Character Types Themes Common people
Creators (gods)
Rebirth Rebirth
Desruction Plot Structures Other Elements Beginning, Middle, End
Resolution (not neccissary a solution) Can be taken as truth or fiction
Have some reason for existing (to tell who we are, where we come from, etc.) Archetype Formula Maker + The Made + A Conflict + A Resolution =Creation Origin Myth!
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