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How to

No description

DaisyJane Darling

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of How to

Do Your Homework!
Make sure you know about the company you're applying for
Use words associated with their values, if possible
You might get asked a question about the company - be prepared!
First impressions are very important.
Body Language
is very Important!
Watch your "umm"s and " "s!
Look Nice!
Appropriate Clothing
How to Conquer

By DaisyJane Darling, Period 2
Look professional
Nicely put together, fairly simle
No converse or sandals
Be mindful of the atmosphere and dress code
Adapt as necessary
Don't be a frizz-ball!
Out of your face
Don't mess with it during the interview
Don't wear perfume
Clean and confident
Showering is good
Web to web
Good, strong grip
A few pumps with eye contact
Verbally introduce yourself
"It's nice to meet you"
"Thank you for taking the time to meet with me", etc.
First Words
Sit up straight
No slouching, slouching is bad
Don't lean too far forward
Be Polite!
Professional but relaxed
Use smart words
Be positive and polite
Complements are always good (but not too many)
No Fidgeting
Don't play with your hair
Keep your hands clasped or on your lap
Eye Contact
Normal amount of eye contact
Don't be creepy!
Don't let your eyes wander too much
Don't Chew Gum.
Don't do it.
What if it gets stuck in your hair?
Or falls out of your mouth?
Or irritates the interviewer?
Or you swallow it and start to choke?
That would be awkward.
Q & A
"Tell me about yourself."
Ask them to be more specific
list recent activities
talk about your time in student council
sports and academics
Turning Negatives into Positives
"What are 2 weaknesses that you have?"
Being late
Tell a story about a mistake that you overcame
If you are still working on it, explain your plan
Be honest!
Working on these by using school planner
For example:

Describe a mistake you made and how you recovered.

One time, I wasn’t thinking about my words and I accidentally hurt one of my close friends. I felt really bad and I’ve learned that it’s very important to think before you speak, because words are very powerful.

Use Detail!
Use company info and values!
Try your best not to stutter
Too many "like"s can be annoying and valley girl-ish
Too many "um"s sounds like you don't know what you're talking about
Be Happy
Keep a positive attitude
It rubs off on others
Make the interview a pleasant experience for everyone
Use a Large Vocabulary
It always helps to sound smart
Impress theinterviewer with your plethora of articulated adjectives and superfluous synonyms
Confidence is Key!
You got this!
Confident = Awesome
Be Enthusiastic!
Show that you're excited to be there
Let them know that this job is important to you
Thank You Notes
Can be written as emails or letters, whichever is available and convenient
Quick note thanking them for the opportunity
Give them a reminder to get back to you
ie: "I look forward to hearing from you soon"
Let them know they aren't your only option
Just Be Yourself!
You'll kill your interview!
They'll love you
You're totally gonna get hired
Most importantly...
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