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squirrel monkey

No description

John B

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of squirrel monkey

The squirrel monkey
Appearance and adaptations
The diet
Interesting facts
The life cycle
Do you know what a squirrel monkey looks like? Well if you don’t you’ll know soon!
Squirrel monkeys are about 12.5 inches long and the tail is about 16 inches, that's longer than the body! They have a long tail because then they can balance their selves. They have bright yellow legs and they can have green,grey or yellow fur which makes them camouflaged in the trees.In a squirrel monkeys mouth they have 36 teeth. Squirrel monkeys are so awesome and for a fact they hardly even come down to the forest floor! I hope you learned what a squirrel monkey looks like and some other interesting facts.
The life cycle of a squirrel monkey is actually pretty interesting.Guess what, males are mature at 4 or 5 years old and a female is mature at 2 years old that’s a pretty big difference.The lifespan is around 15 to 20 years, also the adult female begins carrying the baby on it’s back the very first day! The max of how old squirrel monkey’s can live up to is about 25 years old. Well I hope you know some facts about how a squirrel monkey lives now.
what is a squirrel monkeys diet?Well you're about to find out! Squirrel monkeys eat a lot of insects and fruit in fact that's pretty much all they eat.Also they are omnivores because they eat plants and other animals,they aren't large omnivores though like people are, and they aren't small omnivores either like insects are either, but they are midsized omnivores. When squirrel monkeys eat insects it helps keep the keep the pest population down and insect control helps the trees have a better chance of surviving. Although squirrel monkeys aren't at the top of the food chain they aren't at the bottom either, eagles, snakes, jaguars and sometimes even humans hunt them for food.. So I hope you found out some new stuff about the squirrel monkey.
female squirrel
male squirrel monkey
25 year old
squirrel monkey
They live in many different forest.
squirrel monkeys live around south America. prefer the primary, secondary or gallery forest and the
forest edge. You now know where a squirrel monkey's habitat is.

The habitat of a squirrel monkey.
Interesting facts
here are some interesting facts about squirrel monkeys. The scientific name is saimiri sciureus. They use nails instead of claws. Squirrel monkeys have a great skill in moving in trees. Now you know some interesting facts about the squirrel monkey.
use nails instead
of claws
great skill
in trees
scientific name: sairimi
Animals that eat squirrel monkeys.The predators are
birds, snakes, wild cats and eagles. The top bird predators are the carnivore birds. Eagles are the biggest predators. Porcupines and baboons are also predators.
Now you know what eats a squirrel monkey.

wild cat
animal habitats By:Cecilia fitzsimons
by:John and Stefan
Thanks for watching!
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