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The preterite intro

No description

Laura Medina

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of The preterite intro

The Preterite What is it? The preterite is: Past tense What?! Just like in English! The preterite is a regular past tense. In English we say: Yesterday I ate pizza. When I was little I visited Disneyland. It only happened once! Or It happened , then it was over! Endings!!! To let us know who we are talking about! How do we form the preterite? Actually, it isn't very hard! We start with a STEM Just like always!!!!!!! Then we add some -AR Endings Yo -é Tú -aste Él/ Ella - ó Nosotros -amos ellos/ellas
ustedes - aron Er/Ir endings Yo- T ú -iste Él/ Ella - ió í Preterite endings! Nosotros - imos Ellos/ellas/
-ieron Now let's try it Present:
Santa roba el auto Preterite:
Santa ____ el auto. La niña baila en la nieve. La niña _____ en la nieve. Let's try some er/ir verbs!! El muchacho abre un regalo. El muchacho_____ un regalo. Oh no..recibe las calcetas! Está enojado porque _______
las calcetas Match it up!!!!!! Now you know the preterite and imperfect past tenses......let's see if you can match them up! El Pretérito El imperfecto Hablaba Lloraban recibió Vió Abrieron habló lloramos llorabamos hablabamos Abrían Abrimos vimos recibía lloró lloré recibí Laura Medina
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