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Television Indecency

No description

Amanda Harper

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Television Indecency

Television Indecency PSA By: Amanda Harper
2nd hour https://www.onetruemedia.com/otm_site/home Regress for Progress ***Final Thought:*** Going through this project, I learned about the organizations meant to take a stand on the issues, and how they need major readjustments to succeed. If anything, my opinion just became stronger. I was disgusted at some of the cases I read about and am ready to work on the solutions myself. I am fearful for my future children and grandchildren, which is why I will teach and monitor their television viewings properly, and I will lead by example. It's time for America to watch what they watch. Raise your hand if you've ever
seen something indecent on television
that shocked you. Band-aid Solution and Family Values It's time for parents to take control of their living rooms.
~The morals need to be taught early-on and consistently. History Television was invented in the 1920's, and like most people, had clean values.
Since the late 1950's, television has inched its way to the indecency we see today
~ex: first intense kiss, first swear word, first mention of homosexuality, first mention of abortion, first sexual scene; etc. Big-Picture Solution What's Television like Today?/Extent Who here watches some sort of television program/show throughout the week? Now, honestly raise your hand if those shows have content you
would not want to be sitting next to your parents during or that you would not want your future children to see/hear. Constant cussing and sexual content
Show ratings are out-of-wack
~What used to be PG-13 is now PG
No wholesome family values
~broken families, disrespectful children, lack of tradition, glorified indecencies with lack of action consequences Will Someone please read the thesis at the top of the handout? Repercussions Society chain reaction/supply and demand Children growing up confused
~indecency is shown as the norm
ex: living together before marriage Changes the ideas of relationships Better use of time
~more time talking with family, reading, focus on studies; etc. Parents need to step-up
~limit number of TVs in the home, lead by example, morals instilled Thank you! Here is an example of what
television used to look like: After watching this video, who can say they found parts of it funny and cute? People need to become knowledgeable about the organizations meant to regulate decency standards, such as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which is government-sponsored and avidly aims towards fighting television indecency in the courts The FCC has not been clear enough in their decency policies to effectively fight any network in court for an offense, so they need to specify indecencies in their policies, make sure those specifications are legal, and start fining networks, instead of sitting by and watching. **Would someone please read the third bullet point on the handout.** Introduction Conclusion
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