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solving systems of equations with matrix

No description

Andie Arrigunaga

on 9 February 2011

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Transcript of solving systems of equations with matrix

solving systems of equations
using matrix start with two equaitons
(always make sure its
in standard form) step 1:
in your calculator, go to 2nd Matrix step 2:
toggle to edit once you are in the matrix menu step 3:
at matrix edit(A) type in 2X3 step 4:
in the first row enter the coefficient of x and y (1) and the numbers after the equal sign of the first equation step 5:
on the second row enter the coefficients of x and y terms and the number after the equal sign of the second equation step 6:
then press 2nd quit step 7:
go to matrix again step 8:
toggle to math step 9:
toggle down to B:rref and press enter step 10:
go back to matrix and under names select A and press enter step 11:
under names select the correct matrix whose data is usually A. Then press enter to get the results. they are the last numbers of every row. The End
we hope this has helped you :)
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