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EDFD 589 Introductory Tutorial Week 1, 2015

No description

Kim Rowston

on 28 June 2017

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Transcript of EDFD 589 Introductory Tutorial Week 1, 2015

What KIND of teacher do you want to be?
ICebreaker Activity:
Form into Pairs.
Find out THREE interesting facts about your partner.
Attach an adjective to their name describing a dominant characteristic. ie. Krazy Kim
What challenges will you face as future Educators?
Friend or Foe?
Those that can..........DO
Those that can do BETTER:

Welcome to
EDFD 589
Effective teaching & Professional Practice.
5 x 2 hour TUTORIALS in the Semester
5 x 2 hour WORKSHOPS
Attendance at all scheduled lectures, tutorials, workshops is highly recommended.
D-A-W school visits are compulsory.
Scenario's Requiring Judgment:

Because there is no “right” answer to these scenarios, such factors as:
your teaching philosophy/beliefs,
the school's discipline policy,
the fuller context of the situation, and
students’ body language
usually ALL play a role in determining an effective response.

Even so, some answers are more likely “right” than others
What kind of teacher do I want to be?
To whom am I accountable?
Is teaching a Profession or a Trade?
Should we teach students or subjects?
Will I be allowed to be the teacher I want to be?
Am I ready to Teach?
What will students want or need from me?
To what extent is teaching an Intellectual Pursuit?
How will I control my students?
Social Media:
Smart Phones:
Viable Sources?
Other Mobile Devices:
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