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animals and agriculture

No description

christiana schmidt

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of animals and agriculture


- due to over harvesting , govt. has tried to prevent it by creating non - fishing zones
- aquatic organisms such as fish make up 20 % of animal protein consumed worldwide
- idea of aquaculture began roughly 4,000 years ago , today China is leading in this industry
- aquaculture can deplete water supply
- aquatic organisms create large amounts of waste , which is a pollutant

- large livestock operations produce the majority of meat in developed countries
- meat production has increased since 1950
- livetsock provide leather , wool , eggs , and meat
- some are used as draft animals to pull carts and plows
- others used for manure for fertilizer and fuel
Kerrigan Raper , Christiana Schmidt , Dylan Frank
What are ruminants ?
They are cud chewing mammals that have 3-4 chambered stomachs.
What is cud ?
It is the food that animals regurgitate from the first chamber of their stomachs and digest in another.
animals and agriculture
where do our fish come from ?
Essential Questions :
Describe where you think the food you eat at lunch comes from.

Describe how you think our habits , along with other animal habits , affect aquaculture.

Infer what you may think a ruminant is .


- domesticated
- over harvesting
- aquaculture
- live stock
- ruminant
bred and managed by humans
over harvesting
- removing more of a population that it can replace
- the raising of aquatic organisms for human use or consumption
- domesticated animals that are raised to be sold for profit
chewing animals that have 3-4 chambered stomachs
What is cud ?
Food from water


Some examples are cattle , sheep , and goats .
- these animals have microorganisms in their intestines which allows the animals to digest plant materials that human's can't
- when we eat these animals we are using them to convert plant material that is necassary for our body
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