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Historical Lenses and History's Value

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Maria Novozhenya

on 26 February 2017

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Transcript of Historical Lenses and History's Value

Perspectives in History
Historical Lenses and History's Value
Historical Narrative
The narrative most of my sources used was that the war must end. Any action looked through that lens can be justified
Our Lives
There are museums in Japan dedicated to the effects of the bomb, just like there is a 9/11 museum in New York. That puts it into perspective. The decisions we made, without seriously considering an alternative, caused as much pain as we endured only a few years ago.
Does History Repeat Itself? Evidence From the Course
The resources in the research kit are incredible for seeing how history repeats. In one of the sources, a military figure talks about how we already spent an enormous amount of time and money into the project so we should use it. This kind of thinking is available right now as much as it is back then. Just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should.
My Topic
Was there an alternative? What was it? If it was a real alternative, why was it not chosen?
Three Lenses
History’s Value
The value of history is that it is circular, it is motivated by human thoughts, feelings and motivations. Most of them are relatable. Studying history is the study of people and their decisions. There is great inherent value there.
Does History Repeat Itself? My Opinion
It does, very much so. How many times in history has it occurred that someone wants land, takes of the people that have it, and colonizes. It is not happening at the same rate in modern history because most of the desirable land is already taken, but the same principal applies with resources.
Historical Bias is rampant because history is talked about through the eyes of the victor. I think in recent history there are more resources focused entirely on the eyes of the minority. And through globalization, it is easier to find information about the other side. Even with this information, it is important to consider the lens through which it was seen.
Government Policy
The government’s domestic policy was indicative of the public fear and unrest associated with the war. People wanted it ended at any cost.
Because there was such a weapon that existed and there has already been time and money invested into it, the military wanted to use it
International Relations
The bomb not only served as a means to end the way in one wave but also to intimidate international communities and to set the US reputation to be successful.
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