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vanessa mendez

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Unhealthy Environment
This picture show a paletero man (ice cream man) which is full of sweets and chips that are very unhealthy for kids.
Unhealthy Environment
Healthy Built Environment
This another video clip that describes the park that is right next to my house. Where kids and families can go out and have fun.
Healthy Built Environment
Unhealthy Built Environment
In 100 feet there is a liquor store from a high school (Valley High School) full of ships, sodas, and sweets.
Unhealthy Built Environment
Unhealthy Foods Around my Community
This is a Lunchera (lunch truck) and it sells tortas, tacos, and hamburgers. This luchera is parked everyday for people that want fast food.
Unhealthy foods
In my community there is bike lines for safe and secure biking.
Healthy Built Environment
Right across from the other liquor store I had mentioned in the other slide there is another liquor store.
Unhealthy Built Environment
This is a video clip about how there is a stater brothers with descent amount of healthy food, however right across the stater bros there is a Taco Bell (not a del taco my bad)
Unhealthy foods

Urban Photography Assignment
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