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My thoughts on Dermalogica

Marketing initiatives

Tina Reddin

on 15 May 2017

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Transcript of My thoughts on Dermalogica

Share understanding of Dermalogica brand in terms of market
presence, competition and target markets.
Market Presence
Dermalogica is a fundamental skin health brand marketed by way of a focused communication strategy through educated skin care therapists and professional recommendations.
The personal selling philosophy utilising a “push strategy” focusing on the "face mapping" initiative builds a lifelong relationship in a niche professional market as opposed to “pull strategy” with heavy investment in advertising to persuade clients to buy the product, thereby experimenting very often unsuccessfully with various brands in the mass market.
Dermalogica is a reasonably mature brand that has been innovative in terms of scientific development endeavoring to use natural ingredients and an integrated communication strategy highlighting the integrity and honesty of the brand. The product life cycle has been extended through introducing and launching effective ranges like “Shave” and “Clean Start”.
Dermalogica is in my opinion, the market leader in the therapist environment in Europe being extensively available to the client through skin care professionals and beauty salons. The brand is competitively priced and undoubtedly the chosen skin care treatment and philosophy preferred for professional use by most therapists.
Recommended and sold by skin care professionals, Dermalogica is easily accessible for repurchase through the Dermalogica Appointed Professional Salon network.
Retail Brands

-Estee Lauder
-La Roche Possey

Brands competitive to Dermalogica are salon based brands with the professional therapist endorsement
Target Market
The Dermalogica range is targeted at most consumers
10 -17 years male and female
17 – 23 years male and female
23 – 40 years male and female – Primary Target Market
40 - 55+ male and females
Target Market Defined:
•Live in an Urban Area
•Have Hot & Cold Running Water
•Level of Education
•Skin and Beauty Conscious
•Healthy Life Style and Attitude

Strategise and conceptualise a marketing initiative and explain in detail what you would plan & execute for it.
Marketing Initiative - Discovery Dermalogica Skin Health Initiative
“The Skin is an Organ”
Dermalogica is preparing to launch a new partnership. The objective is to form an effective value chain that serves the client and the performance of value driven networks. Despite the product overload in the modern market place, Dermalogica embraces the sophistication in knowledge of their products as well as the fact that beautiful skin and looking good is a pleasant by-product of overall wellness.
The “initiative” will be activated by means of skin health preventative screening, “the skin as an organ campaign” will be the name of the campaign.
•Sportsmen and Women
•Teenagers and Young Adults
Segmentation, targeting, differentiation and positioning of/for customers
•Discovery Vitality is a science based wellness programme that encourages healthy behaviour and reduces long term health care costs by rewarding members for improving their health and wellness
•Reward Programme – “The Skin is an Organ”
Membership – * Reward 15% Discount Voucher*
Step One - Face Mapping Consultation - *Reward – Trial Pack”
Step Two - Skin Care Regime - *Reward - Discount on a specific Item*
Step Three - Sun Care Regime - *Reward – Trial Pack*
Step Four - Preventative Testing/Screening – Medical Professionals (with compliments of Discovery Vitality) provide free skin cancer screenings - *Double Reward – Free Sun Product to be redeemed from a Salon/Spa*
•Rewards programme to be on-going, innovative and varied
•Social Media Campaign with birthday and anniversary gifts/discount projects as well as product knowledge which will integrate with the re-ordering App
Dermalogica Benefits
•New client base from all walks of life, much wider reach then current target market
•Association with a credible, reputable organisation/institution in the health and wellness arena
•Exposure to all ranges and services
•Socially responsible in affiliating with the medical fraternity as regards skin testing/screening.
•Emphasis on skin damage prevention
•Increased sales for salons as well as Dermalogica, which results in increased revenue and in turn a substantial increase in market share
Salon benefits
•Innovative health care facilities being made available to members with the focus on a healthy body and healthy skin, preventative measures and focus on general well-being.
•An initiative to attract new members
•Socially responsible in terms of prevention and sun screening
•Association with an International reputable skin care organisation

Using various value driven networks through partnership with different businesses we are positioning Dermalogica as a fundamental for skin health brand with emphasis on “the skin as an organ”. The skin being cared for is as vital as the importance of overall well-being. The strategy and marketing mix will focus on Dermalogica as a by-product of overall health and will highlight how prevention is better than cure with attractive rewards.
Dermalogica, face mapping - “The Skin is an Organ”
•Education in Salons/Spas as regards benefits of Dermalogica
•Online Social Media Activities - Face Book, Twitter etc.
•Dermalogica educational material
Dermalogica has a clean and healthy image which enhances client customer reach to communicate the message through these vehicles.
A socially responsible initiative.
Strategise and conceptualise a Marketing Initiative and explain in detail what you would plan & execute for it.
Executive Summary:
Dermalogica has found through research and knowledge that most male potential and current consumers are unfamiliar in terms of skin care. Youths are unsure of shaving skills and the value of cleansing, toning and moisturising is considered effeminate. A remedy for and attention to the needs of the male potential and existing consumers.

Despite the dominance of competitor and over the counter male skin care ranges, Dermalogica through this innovation aims at educating and informing the metrosexual male. This will be driven through social media, search engines, partnerships with brands and word of mouth.

The primary marketing objective is to achieve more awareness about the brand and achieve a larger consumer base in this new niche market by utilising all media forms to promote skin health and emphasise the importance of proper application and ease of use.
Marketing Strategy
A Social Media Face Book/Twitter/In Salon - Male Drive affiliated with a Male Interest Magazine.
Social Media:
1.Blog/Blogger – Male Skin Care – a Metrosexual personality who can communicate and interact with consumers as regards relevant issues sensitively and credibly
2.You Tube – The relevance of using a cleanser
3.You Tube – The relevance of using a toner
4.You Tube – How to Shave
5.You Tube – The importance of using a proper face-cream
6.Facebook Initiatives to drive Male Consumers into salons
7.Credible Male Testimonials which will be posted to social media
Print Campaign:
1.Similar Articles as per above and Offers in “Men’s Health” with reference to Face Book and vice versa
Promotional Campaign:
1.Entry Forms for Face Mapping Consultations to be displayed at the reception of the salon on a specific date by appointment - free trial range for first 100
2.Literature to be available on Notice Boards and hand outs
Dermalogica in salon Campaign
1. In store promotions at the Salons (this signage will have the same content/look/feel as Facebook/Blog simultaneously this content will be available in a printed form so that it can be taken home
2. Stylish Posters in Salon plus “hand outs” for the first 100 Males to receive a free trail range when visiting Salon
All concept and design material to have the same look and feel, to be masculine and all renditions to run in concurrently.
Marketing Objective
•To appeal to a new target market of all males needing skin and skin care assistance or who are ignorant as regards basic skin care needs
•To drive target market into salons where Dermalogica is stocked
•To encourage purchases through trial ranges
•To be the trusted skin care brand for male consumers
•To have a co-ordinated visual strategy
Target Market
Males all ages concerned with their appearance
Males all ages who are ignorant as regards skin care
The new generation of metrosexuals and gym-goers that spends a fortune on supplements
Marketing Analysis
A new consumer
An ignorant consumer
A consumer with disposable income
Good results, efficiencies and information will result in a lifelong client
It’s a brand new world
What is personal branding?
A brand is a promise of an experience - I will now highlight and illuminate myself as a brand and the core values, positioning, distinction and the actions that make me stand out from the rest.
My Story
Fashion and beauty were always top of mind and I was fortunate to become qualified in the profession I was passionate about.
As the daughter of successful parents, I have been raised to be an independent thinker and confident in whom I am and what I believe in. The love of brands is inbred as my Mother, my sisters and my daughter have always been involved with luxury brands from Michael Kors, Chanel and professional skincare and haircare produces.
Brand Description:
Authentically La Vie
Personality and attitude:
Permission to be yourself.
•Hard working, diligent and ambitious - have studied and worked since leaving school (by choice) as I enjoy the challenge of seeing how far one can further oneself both, academically and physically
•Active, not lazy
•Caring, loyal and friendly
•Trusting, trustworthy and loyal - from friends and family to personal relationships and colleagues
•Energetic and organised with great attention to detail – can be considered assertive at times
•Social and fun loving
•Fortunate to have good skin and a personable appearance
•Like to do everything myself and never give up
•Exceptionally hard on myself (which at times can result on me being hard on others)
•Easily frustrated by reticent people
•Career driven and motivated
•No-nonsense people motivator and mover
•Worldly and keep up to date with market trends, internally and externally. Been raised with the attitude that general knowledge and factual knowledge of your environment are key to remaining well-informed
•Have a high sense of responsibility and will always put others first
•Ideal brand ambassador as my lifestyle and ethos is concurrent with the Dermalogica mission
•Comfortable with interaction at all levels Executives, Beauty/Lifestyle industry, Media, old and young, male and female.
•Passionate about brands and brand communication
•Mixture of Creativity and Analytical
•Time Management
•Active lifestyle
•Highly Ambitious
•Get bored without stimulation
Mission statement:
Create excitement in everything you do by calculating risks and taking them, challenging yourself. Always finding another way, being loyal to your family and the team by putting them first, change the world even if it’s in a small way. Make a difference.
Break down of your personal approach to Marketing Planning and Management for Dermalogica

Dermalogica – 5 Prong Marketing Attack:
•Great Product and Price
•Committed Therapists
•Lifelong Loyal Customers
•Committed Employees
•Meaningful Promotion
My focus for this exercise is the customer, the product and price is established, but in turn ensuring that every Dermalogica employee/representative is in a motivated, committed relationship with the company, loving the job, the product, the people and management.
My personal marketing strategy would be centralised around the customer which would be the main driver with a strong promotional affiliation. Promotion is not a single tool but a mix of tools. Under the integrated marketing communication, the brand will coordinate these promotional elements to deliver a clear, consistent and compelling message about the brand and the products and promises it has to offer.
For brands/organisation to succeed in today’s competitive market place they need to be customer centred.
It is my opinion that Dermalogica already have a strong market and brand presence in South Africa and should aim at poaching customers from competitors, attracting new customers and maintain and grow the customer base by delivering greater value in the current economic climate.

1.Know your customers better: Dig into your data to learn who your customers are and how to best target them and their needs
2.Put your customers at the centre of decision-making: Internal structures and processes to ensure your customer has a voice and recognition in every level of your organisation
3.Move beyond demographics to individuals for effective marketing response
4.Learn how to make efficiencies through better targeting - saving time and money
Social media, local, mobile, augmented reality, QR codes - all these new channels have come onto the scene, while the importance of email, digital advertising, TV, direct mail and other more traditional channels is not in question.

There is a huge opportunity here - for more complex, tailored, and - above all - engaging, marketing from brands to customers on a regular focussed basis.
If a customer talks to your Customer Service Department, they expect the same response they’d get if they spoke to Marketing or Sales. Creating a unified external face is critical. If you want to build long-term relationships, you’ve got to have a consistent, human voice - coming from all levels of your organisation.
So content, creation and distribution is the second piece of the puzzle. You’ve got to create content that is engaging, relevant and of value to your consumers.
First, you’ve got to get every internal department singing from the same hymn-sheet. They’re all external-facing now, and they’ve got to act like it.
Second, if you’re going to raise awareness, build relationships, and engender loyalty, traditional marketing doesn’t cut it. Start generating (good) content.
Mass markets have fragmented, marketers are shifting away from mass marketing and are developing focused marketing programmes designed to build a closer relationship with customers in a more narrowly defined micro market.
Dermalogica can integrate the brand message and mission through planned messages (what the brand says) and confirm it with the service and product (what the brand does) and further confirm by unplanned messages (what unbiased observers say) about the organisation.
Utilise the information technologies, marketers can amass detailed customer information and keep closer track of customer needs.
Each sub-community of a brand will facilitate one another through social business interaction, connected by a shared interest and discussing potential need. Social media is now part of marketing - not a separate effort.
This technology affiliation allows a trust with customers to be built as the brand is transparent, they will remain loyal and will win competitor customers due to personal approach of testimonials and asking for consumer advice and tips on new products to be launched.
Carefully integrate and co-ordinate Dermalogica’s many communication channels to deliver a clear, consistent and compelling message about its products.
I would aim at retaining the current customers and winning over competitors customers. Nourish the relationships rather than consider them a transaction because it is cheaper to maintain a customer than acquiring new ones. Create a credible and thorough relationship by reviewing the last consultation to ensure that the skin therapist can prepare for when they arrive and greet the customer as if they know them and their skin concerns. This makes the customer feel appreciated.
Create a social media platform for customers to ask questions and get feedback.
The entirety of the organisation must be involved and integrated in the marketing process as it is a cross functional process involving all departments ranging from supplier all the way to the skin therapist.
Brand enhancement can be a main focus as Dermalogica can work with content partnership which is a collection of brands that work together to produce great content.
Brands to approach, Discovery, Virgin and Nike.
Alignment of mobile business and content strategy
The concept of “social, local, mobile” (SoLoMo) has come true in how consumers want content. With mobility advancements, your content will have to increasingly bridge these three essential content variables and tailor content to the end user’s needs. An example of this would be App development for Dermalogica.
To build trust and loyalty, brands will be uncovering smaller stories within their overarching story. While one buyer wants an eco-savvy product or service, another may want premium quality. If the same product or service can serve both audiences, they will need to find you, and will need micro-stories to relate their buyer persona to your brand. In the new media world, a 360-degree view of any company will reveal many facets for essential storytelling. Use the social media drivers to get the brand known, through blogs (Dermalogica employees and skin therapists where people feel free to write testimonials and get advice, upload videos and tips) through You Tube videos explaining the proper use of products (teaching the young metrosexual male to shave as many single mothers in this generation) and improve the ranking on Google search.
Video engagement
Move over, viral video—highly engaging, enlightening, and value-added video content is taking centre stage. Video is growing in use and is still underestimated. More often it is used as a “commercial” or viral message that is disposable, but as video content continues to increase in use, it will have to be meaningful to the consumer.
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