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tom heath

on 11 December 2012

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POPULAR CULTURE: SURFING Outline its development locally, nationally and globally Examine the issue of access regarding class and location Consider the acceptance and rejection of popular culture Examine the role of media in consumption and interaction origins of Australian Surf Lifesaving at Coffs Surf Club
Cali surf legend Bob Cooper moved to Coffs in '67
opened surf shop, manufactured, surf team
strengthened and became popular pastime
Coffs Boardriders formed in 60s for competitions 1964 - first World Champion crowned at Manly (Australian Midget Farrelly)
influence of the media (Hollywood) - Australian surfers explored the coastline
took off due to introduction of Australian Surf Lifesaving Association
Boards - shorter, lighter, more maneuverable
70s - centre of surfing became Australia Beach Boys of Waikiki took up surfing in early 20th century
1915 - increase in popularity:
Duke Kamanoku introduced surfing to Freshwater (AUST)
George Freeth introduced to Cali
1928 - first ever surf comp
Subculture carried to mainstream through media (music - Beach Boys, film - Gidget) and fashion theoretically everyone is equal
predominantly white, Australians
middle class - stable income (3k-5kAUD/year, 1600 full equipment) tech advances (internet/magazines) allow everyone everywhere to be a participant
to be an active participant - access to ocean, lake, wave machine.
can cause conflict played significant role in changes and continuities of popular culture
t.v. - Bondi Rescue, Manly Surf, Puberty Blues, Bra Boys
Magazines - Tracks and Riptide (monthly)
internet - live streams, updates, buying online
smartphones (apps) - current and future conditions in palm of hand access to pop culture by non participants has been created through media and associated paraphernalia
everyone wants a piece of laid back, free lifestyle Acceptance:
females in a male dominated sport
'Girls Go Surfing Day'
moved away from a pastime associated with drugs to role models and anti drugs Rejection:
dislike commercialisation
associated paraphernalia has become too mainstream
stereotypical societal view or surfers
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