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The Sixties South,

No description

Jarod Roll

on 8 November 2016

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Transcript of The Sixties South,

The Sixties South,
Part 2

-Civil Rights Act, 1964 (passed Senate June 19; signed July 2)
-Mississippi Freedom Summer, 1964
-Murder of James Chaney, Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman in Neshoba County (disappeared June 21, bodies found August 4; eight other dead African Americans found in search)
-Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, 1964
-Fannie Lou Hamer--"I question America"
-Selma, Alabama
-Voting Rights Act, 1965
-Supreme Court declared poll tax unconstitutional, 1966
James Meredith, Walk Against Fear, 1966
Deacons for Defense
Stokely Carmichael, "Black Power," Greenwood, MS, 1966
Lowndes County Freedom Organization
Black Panther Party
Southern Counter-Culture:
Memphis sounds: Sun (1952 -), Stax (1957 -)
--Johnny Cash, Elvis, Otis Redding, Issac Hayes, Booker T. and the MGs
--Rock n' Roll, Southern Soul, Funk, R&B, Country
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