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Ukraine and India

No description

Yana Kozar

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Ukraine and India

Ukraine and India
Geographical position
National costumes
Despite all the vagaries of history, has retained its traditional character and national- ethnic originality. Even while under the influence of other cultures and ethnic groups , it has absorbed all the best , discarding unnecessary secondary. Indian clothes are very stylish , comfortable and convenient. Despite the influence of Western fashion , Indians wear it with great pride. Holidays, family celebrations, formal ceremonies are the time when Indians give special preference to the traditional national dress .
The most remarkable feature of the traditional Ukrainian clothes - is its extraordinary scenic, reflecting an extremely high level of production standards of our people, mastery of numerous species, finishes of its techniques. But at the same time inherent in traditional clothing is also considerable variability.
Ukrainian dishes have earned a well-deserved reputation in the world. Different flour products, products and courses of meat, vegetable and dairy products, all kinds of drinks from fruit and honey are widely popular.

Ukrainian national cuisine is rich cuisine based on tradition, which was dated to various festivals and ceremonies - marriage, birth of a child, spending on military service, etc. So, pancakes is an obligatory dish on this holiday. On the more serious holidays pies with meat, liver and other fillings are baked. Ceremonial dish of dried fruit - uzvar. Now, these flavors can be found in the dining room and the menu of every restaurant.

Indian cookery tradition includes the cuisines of different regions of the country. In the north , where the climate is temperate, the development of sheep breeding , there are common lamb dishes. In the south, in the direction of Delhi and Punjab , the menu is varied - they eat meat of goats , chickens. In these northern regions of bread prefer rice.

To the east , in areas washed by the Bay of Bengal , is widely used by various types of fish , both river and sea . In hot , humid climates grow coconut trees , so that in many recipes there and coconut. On the west coast , in Gujarat , prefer vegetable , vegetarian food , vegetarians make up the majority of the population south- east India .

In India, religion has very strong influence on the menu of the Hindus. There are many religious restrictions .

Transport (in India)
The majority of the country's roads are in bad condition . Trails are narrow, often devoid of any markings and traffic signs. Lots of holes and cracks. And all this on the background of dense flow of transport. Moreover , Indian drivers do not comply with the minimum rules on the road , the technical condition of vehicles is terrifying, in the general stream it is normal if there is moving oxen -drawn carts, elephants regularly appear on the canvas, sacred cows can be here( when they appear before the tube will stand as long as the animal itself will not go away from the road) , and other representatives of the local fauna .
Drivers are talking to each other conventional signs and signals that may not be understandable to tourists driving. Oncoming traffic , notifying participants in the movement trumpet signal begins to overtake on the opposite lane , forcing traveling to move down towards the road. A car in which the turn signals do not work , driver shows that he is going to turn, with a quick flick of the hand. The vehicle in front can easily stop in the middle of the road , not notifying the other road users. People often go on foot along the road sides , and should be more careful .

And the driving in India is the left-side.

High education

India - a British colony in the past, follows British traditions . Therefore, studing is in English . Higher education in the country is available at the program level European universities. It means that for a little money you can get a quality education , and find a prestigious and
paying job. The cost of the school year of about $ 15,000 .
200 universities operate in India. There are about 11,000 colleges in the country.

Student hostels are quite comfortable rooms for one, two or three people
Nutrition in India is impossibly cheap ! A nice lunch in popular dhaba costs 10 rupees. In inexpensive restaurants - about 40-100 rupees. Vegetarian dishes are usually cheaper fish and meat . Vegetables and fruits are cheap - the average is about 10-20 rupees per kilogram.

In Ukraine, the higher education institutions include the following types: university, academy, institute, conservatory ,college, technical school.

All citizens of Ukraine have the right to free higher education on a competitive basis. Everyone has their university entry requirements.

On average, the cost of payed higher education is 20 thousand grivnas per year

National holidays
Caitra Shukladi - New Year in North India , which is celebrated on the first day of the month Caitra . According to the " Brahma Purana " , in a day of Brahma, the creator created our world .

Dashahara Ganges ( Ganga Puja , Ganga Dussehra ) - festival dedicated to the worship of the sacred River Ganges PudzhaGange . It's the birthday of Mother Ganga , the day when the holy river came down from heaven to earth.

Wat Savitri Purnima ( Purnima svitr , Savitri Wat Gate , Wat Savitri Puja ) - a very popular festival in India , celebrated across the country. On the eve of Wat Savitri Purnima women wearing new clothes , they come to the sacred banyan tree . Watering the tree and committing puja - an offering of flowers and fruit, they are sprinkled with holy banyan red kumkum powder .

Holi - Spring Festival - one of the most colorful festivals of India. The celebration begins the day before the full moon of the month of Phalguna and lasts for 2 days. On the first day of the festival ( Holika Dahan ) , close to the night, a fire , symbolizing the burning Kholiki (sister of the demon Hiranyakasipu ) . On the day of the full moon , also known as Dhulendi ( Dhulandi ) , people sprinkle each other with colored powder and water is poured .

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