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Global Politics

No description

Lisa Olofsson

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Global Politics

3. Development
2. Human Rights
1. Power and Sovereignty
4. Peace and Conflicts
...are all humans born free and equal?
Global Politics
The study of political phenomena and interactions of states, international organizations and non-state actors in the global sphere and to what extent global politics is a matter of conflict or cooperation
Core Content
fundamental political concepts
such as power, equality, development and peace.
Researches current and topical
case studies.
Introduces students to
key actors, interactions, problems
of global politics.
Allows students to develop an understanding of the
local, national, international
global dimensions
of politics,
Explores political issues
affecting the students' own lives

dialogue and debate.
Nurtures the capacity to
and to

competing and contestable claims

Statehood and sovereignity
States and nations
super powers
regional powers
rising powers
rogue states
weak states
fragile states
failed states

cooperation or conflict?
Case Scotland
Global to Local
Political Parties
Media research

The EU
Future role of the union?
Case studies

The United Nations
New York
Theme Refugees
To what extent are refugee rights protected internationally?
Case Lampedusa
Global to Local
EU Legislation
Local Authorities
Political Parties
To what extent can civil society affect Global Politics?
What are the roots of poverty?
Can the Global South and 4th world prosper?
Case North Korea
Global to Local
National Security
Future role of NATO?

Core Unit Tests
P1 Sources
P2 Essay
Internal Assessment
Report on Engagement Activity
HL Presentations
Two Case based presentations
six topic areas
Core Unit tests
HL Extensions
Case Presentations
IA Engagement Activity
Report with linkage to units 2000 words

UI Seminar on MGDs

Escaping with Red Cross

Study visits Refugee centers

Debating poverty with FIAN

Citizenship Dialogue EU

School Election EU

IA Engagement Activity
Explore the local manifestation
of a global political issue.

Assessment via report
2000 word limit
Activity at the centre of the report.
Background research with ties to the course.
Reflection of students' participation
Analysis of political issue with counter claims and counter viewpoints needed.

Power, Sovereignty and International Relations
Four Core Units
Human Rights
Peace and Conflicts
Engaging and relevant assessments
Reveals the interdependency of our world
Student-centred, building up media reading, research, presentation, discussion and debating skills
Gives room for innovative learning methods, such as simulations and gaming
Time-consuming preparations and reflections

Great freedom in cases and contemporary examples.
Ultimate current affairs course!
Possibility of conducting field studies and meet people active in working with global issues
Simulation games and lesson activities that highlight global phenomenon.

Case Mocambique
Global to Local
Debt burden
Theories on development and trade
Contesting views of IGOs and NGOs

Theme Development
and role of MGDs
To what extent are international actors working to meet the goals?

Causes to new wars
Role of new actors
Theories on balance-of-power and security-policies
Peace and Conflicts
How to foster state-building and reconciliation?
Theme Fragile States
To what extent do
Fragile states pose a challenge for the international community?
Rethinking International Relations
Read source and locate the author's opinion on;
most important forces shaping the 21st century
how the international system of 21st century will differ from the 20th century
general view of human nature
main foreign policy challenges the U.S. will be facing in the 21st century

How will globalization affect the dynamics of international relations in 21st century?
Student and Teacher Responses
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