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Mexican Culture

No description

Natalie Maese

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Mexican Culture

Mexican Culture By:Natalie Maese Clothes : Traditional Music : Religion : Normally Roman Catholic 89% , Protestant 6% , Other 5 % . The women of Mexico often wear woven blouses,shawls, and skirts. A Huipil is the most common blouse worn in Mexico. the men in Mexico are often seen wearing large hats called Sombreros. The traditional Music played in Mexico is Mariachi music. Mariachi music originated from Jalisco , Mexico. There are many different Mexican cuisines known world wide .For example mole which is shredded chicken that uses over four diffrent kinds of chiles as well as chocolate. Each chile has its own unique flavor and level of spiciness. Traditional Mexican Food : The official sport of Mexico is soccer. Although some people may not think this isn't an actual sport it is very important to the people of Mexico. Sports : Despite the Mexican's government's recent promises to improve public education in Mexico,the country still struggles with serious issues within its educational system. Education: Architecture For Mexican architecture means that existing in what is now the Mexican territory and made by Mexican architects in other countries,whose influence is very marked and conspicuous reference to the buildings of ancient Mexico, colonial and modern. Mexican Customs: One Mexican Custom is the celebration of Day of The Dead. Some other ones are Cinco De Mayo, All soul's Day, and independence day which is celebrated September, 16. Mexico's Flag History The green stripes represent the independence from Spain.The red stripes represents the union between Europe and the Americas.White represents the purity of Catholic faith. Official Soccer team of Mexico Enchiladas By:Natalie Maese The official soccer team of Mexico is The Mexican Chivas. This soccer team has been around for eight years, and was founded in 2004. Attractions in Mexico :Cancun is one of many vacation hot spots in the country. The Cancun climate is temperate yearsit. The Mexican Flag Sources for my project DLTK-kids.com
housecarers.com/mexican food kwintessential.com Earthlyfamily.com/mexicanculture
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