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The Great American Cattle Drive

No description

Zenobia Johnson

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of The Great American Cattle Drive

The Great American Cattle Drive
Trail Boss: Logan Jones

The Trail Boss is in charge of the entire cattle drive and directs the rest of the cowboys working with him. This job requires a high level of experience, leadership responsibility and skill. They also need to be very resourceful and know where to find important supplies such as water, food, or a shelter. They tend to get paid $90 a month based on how well they were at their job.
The Point Man is one of the most important workers on the trail. This cowboy decides which direction the cattle will go on the drive. He has to have the ability to work in groups and be able to compromise and reach goals. They are reliable workers and earn about $30-$40 a month.
Flank Rider
By: Diego Gonzalez, Logan Jones, Sahani Lasane, and Sophia Fasano
By the late 1800's the Mexicans introduced the Longhorn Cattle, which soon became very popular in the Southwest. Between 1866 and 1890, about 10 million Longhorns were moved up to the North because beef became a very popular food in the Eastern U.S. During that time, 40,000 cowboys, in groups from eight to twelve people, would herd 2,000 to 2,500 cattle to a railroad or town where they could sell the cattle for money. This was called a cattle drive.
There were many jobs for the cowboys who were working on the Cattle Drive.
We chose four important jobs for this presentation. We chose the Trail Boss, the Flank Rider, the Chuck Wagon Cook, and the Point Man.
Jobs on the Cattle Drive
Chuck Wagon Cook
The Chuck Wagon Cook prepared food for all of the workers. He usually served food like biscuits, bacon, water, beans, biscuits, black coffee and beef jerky. They would cook most of their food in a dutch oven. They used lots of different spices in their food.
A picture of a dutch oven.
A picture of a longhorn cattle.
A Longhorn grazing a field.
Point Man
Diego Gonzalez
Sahani Lasane


Sophia Fasano
Flank Riders control the cattle in the herd by riding around the back and sides of the herd. They make sure that the cattle do not wander off. They report to the Point Man and the Trail Boss. They were paid between $30 and
$40 a month depending on how well they did their jobs.
Interesting Fact: The Longhorn Cattle are known for being very feisty and strong. They greatest threat to both a cowboy and the cattle was a stampede. A stampede happened when the slightest sound would startle the herd sending them running for miles. Sometimes herds would run off cliffs. The heat generated from the running herd would burn the cowboys faces. The only way to stop a stampede was for the cowboys to drive the herd into a circle. The cattle would run in circles until they got tired. This was a very dangerous job.
A cattle drive.
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