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8th Grade Journalism Presentation

No description

michelle blassou

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of 8th Grade Journalism Presentation

Rockville High School Newspaper
The Rockville Rampage
-First year college GPAs are higher for students with high school journalism experience (2.80 vs. 2.73 GPA).

-Journalism students had a higher English GPA compared to non-journalism students (3.52 vs. 3.37). GPAs were also higher in math, social studies, science, foreign language and art.
According to the Newspaper
Association of America
-Collaborative problem solving
-Computer skills, including layout & design
-Strong interpersonal and communication skills
-Ability to succeed in leadership positions
You'll learn all types of skills beyond writing...
-Columbia Scholastic Press Association - Gold Medal
-American Scholastic Press Association - 1st Place with Special Merit
-Maryland Student Journalist of the Year awarded to Samantha Cooney
It's fun to be part of a winning team.
Last Year's Awards
I found working on The Rampage to be
a truly invaluable experience.
The Rampage also opened up other opportunities for me, including participating in The Washington Post's Young Journalist Development Program and the Newseum's Student Advisory Board.
I owe a lot of my success to The Rampage!
Samantha Cooney
Editor in Chief, 2011-2012

-Rampage helped me realize the importance of leadership and teamwork. It helped me realize the impact that writing has on the lives of others
-I want to shape the lives of others, either through writing or by some other means.
-I can't thank the Journalism Academy enough for improving my writing ability and instilling in me the
values of leadership, hard work and dedication.
Dina Yared
Editor in Chief 2011-2012
-He was involved in our nationally award winning newspaper all four years, and rose from staff writer, to Managing Editor, to Editor in Chief.
-In addition, the leadership skills he learned were invaluable.
I'm convinced that his work on The Rampage was one of the key elements in his nomination.
-It's also important to note how much fun he had, Nick really enjoyed the friendships and camaraderie in the Journalism Academy.
Sally Chisholm, parent of former editor in chief

Sophia Johns, Opinion Managing Editor
Jacob Holzman, Staff Writer
Jordyn Garcia, Staff Writer & Photographer
Rampage Staff with us today

-From the time she entered the journalism program at Rockville,
she knew that journalism would be her future
-We believe that the skills she developed during that time enabled her to pursue her journalism dreams in New York
-She has already published three front-page stories in The Columbia Daily Spectator and interviewed such notables as the Reverend Al Sharpton and broadcaster Ann Curry.
Leona Cooney
Parent of former editor in chief
It takes all types...
What we do:
Students produce a fully independent newspaper eight times a year. Students come up with the stories, the photos, the page layouts, even our budget.
J1 (Introduction to Journalism) prepares students for working on the paper.
J2 (Advanced Journalism) is when we make the paper. We currently have over 50 students on staff.
Why join? It's great for your grades
We do all kinds of fun things…
Paste-up night (a.k.a. pizza night)
Guest speakers (from The Washington Post and The Huffington Post)
Field trips (Newseum; possibly CSPA; NSPA)
Fundraisers (RamPace and RamIdol)
Other opportunities (Debate Moderators, Wash. Post/ Newseum workshops; All Met Sports workshop )
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