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Telenor Merchandising

No description

Amir Malik

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Telenor Merchandising

Telenor Way - Simple & Smart Merchandising Revamp Model Objective
Concerns to be addressed
Resolution of Concerns
Proposed Plot
Reporting Format
Phase Wise Execution
Future Plans Short Term
To Strategize Point of Sale Mechanism & Establish Proper Control Through a well developed Merchandising Tool.

Long Term
To Enable Business to Control Sales & Marketing Plan through well developed Merchandising Tool. Objective Phase I Proposed Plot (Nov '12 - May '13) Information- Just a click away
Its an online software and easy accessible on Cell Phones/laptops.
Easy to understand
6 types of reporting can be extracted (depending upon the need)
Date wise
Region wise
Campaign Wise
Area Wise
Shop Wise
Franchise Wise
Trend Analysis
Search option is also available
Can see proper pictures to ensure proper placement of POS
Huge data handling capacity

Note: Now all rights and patents have been reserved with Telenor Pakistan. Future Outlooks - Shops Category to be included
- A Consultant to be hired to guide more
- Handing over to Region AGENDA ITEMS Further Plans Why ?? Merchandising is the backbone of any
retail business. It plays a key role in
deciding the popularity of a product in
terms of profitability and
recurring business. Reporting 15 Cities Selected out of 205 Cities (7.37% of Total Foot Print)
Total Sales volume is approx. 36.37% of the Total Secondary Sales in Pakistan (based on eload retailers)

Note: This allocation has been done by Region themselves Merchandising Merchandisers job is to ensure that all Product/POS items are delivered to the appropriate stores
at the right time,
in the right quantities and
without any errors.

They are responsible for ensuring that all displayed merchandise is in sync with the company’s standards so that the product that ultimately reaches the customer is the perfect one. Current Issues Proper check and Balance
City/Area/Shop information (POS + Product)
Product Availability
Lack of Knowledge at retailers end
Total Spending against every Campaign/City Track & maintain record of our POS material
Proper visibility of Market
Proper presence of our running campaigns in market
Areas where visibility is less
Status of product availability Phase II Phase III Nov - Feb Mar - Apr Apr - May - Need Arises
- Concept Designing
- Merchandising Agency on Board
- Cities/Areas Proposed
- Merchandisers Allocation
- Reporting Format Finalized
- Reporting Structure Finalized
- Daily updating of 134
Merchandising Sheets across Pakistan
- Power point Presentation indicating
actions points for each region - Development of Dashboard
- Pictures taking activity started
- Data & Picture Uploading
- Up gradation of Dashboard
as per need
- Proper Data uploading as per
agreed format - Up gradation of Dashboard
as per requirement
- Alignment of Reporting
- A Separate Server for Dashboard
- Increases Capacity to 100 GB data
- Present it to Management 134 merchandising sheets been shared across Pakistan
Approx. 4,000 shops visited daily and been recorded making approx. 20,000 shops weekly
Daily reporting on .ppt format is been shared with TP
Daily/ weekly/ monthly analysis on each Region/City/Area is been shared regularly
Areas which require further effort is also been shared
Actions points for RDs, TSS and AM TM is also mentioned in .ppt.
National level reporting is also available 8000 pictures uploaded daily.
Tracking of campaigns can be checked easily
Detailed area wise information can be checked
Shop wise knowledge is available
Easy to know the areas of improvements
Total POS placement can be checked through the Dashboard
Merchandiser performance can be measure easily Franchise Level Reporting Available
Trends against each City/Area/Shop will be available
Each analysis can be exported to .xls file
To educate retailer about the Campaigns/ Promotions
Campaign Wise Tracking Available
Sorting w.r.t Date/Region/Campaign is available
Capacity Increases to 70GB (Approx. 1 year Data can be recorded) Thankyou This Project cannot be a success without the support of DMC (Centralized Agency), RBD & Think Big (Merchandising Agency) & Ofcourse Mr. Sohail Parvaiz & Meena Munawar Process
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