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Just for Laughs

(About the show)

Crazy Band Nerd

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of Just for Laughs

I'm sure you'r very excited. If not, Prepare to laugh!

Before you begin, I have a handy tip about thouse silly advertisements they have on these videos.

You can't click the 'X' butten here, but you can minimize them.

Just hover your curser back and forth across the right
edge of the advertisemnt, and the advertisement will be outlined in white when your curser is over the "designated spot". (This will not be true for all videos, but allmost all of them will be able to be minimized.)

Understand that the "designated spot" will not allways be right on the edge of the advertisement. More likely than not, it will be to the right of it. Don't panic, just put your curser "inside" the advertisement
and move it slowly to the right.

Remember, if you still can't get the advertisement to be outlined in white and minimized, then that one probbably can't be.

Above all else, have a good laugh!
This is a Prezi that is about a very awsome show - Just for Laughs Gags!
In this show, people play pranks, or gags, on 'victems', and then, after the gag is over, they tell the 'victems' about the gag, and show them the hidden cameras. Everyone thinks that the gags are halarious, even the 'victems'.
Hope you had a AWSOME laugh!!!!!!!!!
# 21
This one seems to be the one of the first ones
that Just for Laughs made, but I don't know for certain. Although it is funny nevertheless.
# 20
This is pretty funny, too.The only "glitch" is that when they switch, they shift their walking positions.
# 19
This is a classic: A person posing as a scarecrow. Usually, when you see this, the
person is slumped on a chair on their porch with a bowl of candy on their lap on Halloween.
# 18
This doesn't seem to scary to a viewer, but think about it . . . . You are sitting "alone" . . . it's quiet . . . suddenly . . . your young, annoying brother/sister leaps out at you! "RRRRRRAAAAAAAAWRRRRRRR!"
# 17
Y'know what??? I think i know the person at the very end! Isn't that cool?
# 16
This video has the classic "weight-fallen-on-one's-neck, except it wasn't planned!
# 15
What does this remind you of?
Anyone say "Harry Potter?"
# 14
I know I've heard about giant squid in sewers . . . but sharks???
# 13
Its kinda hard to believe that only one person actually looked under it.
# 12
Sometimes I wish I could do things like this too.
# 11
This one is . . . "understandably" funny.I mean, would you freak out if a head is in the toilet you were about to use?
(P.S.- The answer is yes)
# 10
False alarm.
This one COULD really happen, y'know.
Moral-Don't walk your dog near these places.
# 9
# 8
I envy her. Who doesn't want to seriously scare someone by wiggling your fingers next to your ears and sticking out your tounge?
# 7
O! M! G! Alien poultry from outer space is going to make people freak, then laugh!!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!!
# 6
The newest superhero: He can walk through walls!
# 5
I just love this one. People, convinced they have seen something, call urgently to the shopkeeper, only to discover their "mistake".
# 4
"I know this one is a little over the line, but HEY! It's way FUNNY!
# 3
"This is the kind of thing I'd LOVE to do, but I think I'd need a better disguise.
# 2
"No birds were harmed in the making of this film."
( "In other words, it's a fake. But these people seem pretty convinced." )
"What would you do if this happened to you?"
"This is HILARIOUS!!! I LOVE the looks on the people's faces when they see the weirdness!!!
And, as a plus, it apparently TASTES good, TOO!!!
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