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IPhone 5

No description

Marian Lopez

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of IPhone 5

The IPhone 5 is amazing!
You have everything you
Come and I'll show
you information of the
IPhone 5.
What is Special About The IPhone 5?
New Things
YUP!! There is, it was use for a long time. ( Camera, Notes, Internet, Music, App Store, Game Center, Settings, Clock, iTunes, Photos, Calendar, Weather, Messages, Mails,Phone and others.)
There are Angry Birds...
And Much More!
Instagram is an app that let you use to take photos and change up the style!
There are creative apps like...
Games and Entertainment
The IPhone 5 camera has an 8 MP iSight. Improved A HDR capabilities for better color and tone plus no blur. There is a new thing with the camera! When you see through your eyes you see everything, one end to the other end. It's called Panorama for your camera. You just tap and move the camera across up to 240 digress. Another thing is new is you can edit the your picture by using red eye,crop,rotate,and enhance right on your IPhone 5.
Internet (Safari)
The internet is way much better! Since this IPhone is 4 inch wide you see much of your page. Also the internet can be load much more faster. You'll spend less time waiting and more time browsing. And there is one last information about this is there is a Tap The Reader Icon where you can read with out ads or any distraction, also you save anything that you are reading on your Reading List.
This feature is still the same use to control. You can listen to your favorite songs,artists,and albums in iTunes Library. Tap Shuffle to mix up or let Siri be your DJ.
The main thing of having a phone is to make calls or message other people. The phone app is cool! You can use Siri to dial the number you want to contact with him/her,tap contact or number to call. Also built in the microphones work together to provide a clearer sound and reduced background noise. So the person you are talking to you can hear you not the noise around you!
And with the IPhone 5
if you are busy you can
decline an incoming
call by automatically
replaying a text
message. You can set
a time for a callback reminder, or turn on a "Do Not Disturb.
Seeing these great feature looks and sounds cool!
Lets go see some games and entertainment apps
Instagram is a app that let you take a picture and style your photo. You can share with people who you are following and the person is following you!
This is a app where you can find movies that are in theater, you can see the time for when the movie is
going to start too!
Jango is radio that will let u pick your
favorite artist. Like One Direction, Justin Bieber,F.U.N, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and other singers.
There is Temple Run Games
You can play creative mode or survival
Well that's it for Games And Entertainment Apps!
Lets look at facts about the IPhone 5.
People say there is a little change of size and easier to use the IPhone 5.
Well there is some that I could show you about some new detials about some apps and some facts about
"What's Special About The IPhone 5"
First of all the IPhone 5 cost a lot of money.
Right now the IPhone 5 cost $699 for 16GB!
Maybe it's worth it to buy. From seeing the changes from the IPhone's.
For 32GB is $799 and for 64GB is $899!
The IPhone 5 Has a new design.
The IPhone 5 is......
18% Thinner
20% Lighter
12% Less Volume
It only comes in Black Stale and White Stale.
Another thing is the IPhone 5 comes with at new set of earphones (EarPods)
And the IPhone has a 4 inch screen!
Here are some videos to see what I have said.
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