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The Story Of The Husband And The Parrot

english 3

Makayla Balboa

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of The Story Of The Husband And The Parrot

Main Characters The story is about a man and his beautiful wife, the husband goes on a trip but before he leaves he gets a parrot that talks and asks the wife to take care of the parrot while he is away.
when the husband gets back he asks the parrot what happened when he was gone and the parrot told him somethings that made him scold his wife.

When the husband leaves again gor the second him the wife gets her revenge, she told a slave to turn a hand mill under the birds cage, and another slave to to throw water down from above the cage and the third slave to take a mirror and turn it in front of its eyes
The parrot thinks this is a thunder storm, so when the husband returns the next day and asks the parrot what hes seen the bird replys and say that the storm disturbed him so much that he could not tell the husband what happened

The husband then was convinced that the parrot was not speaking the truth because it neither rained nor thundered in the night so he took him out of the cage and threw the bird so hard to the ground that he killed the bird Brief Summary Magic/ Fantasy Setting Pet store- when the husband gets the parrot

The husband and wife's house- where the slaves , wife, husband and parrots live Makayla Balboa
English lll The Husband - Abusive

The Wife- vindictive

The husband and the Wife are very similar because they both are rude towards the parrot
Minor Characters
Slaves- obedient The fantasy in this story is the talking parrot because animals don't talk Climax The husband
throws the bird
and kills it OutComes A greek king will not listen to a vizir.
He will take care of the physician so
that he will not regret it like the
husband regretted killing the parrot

The vizir said the physician wants
to kill the king and if the vizir is
wrong he deserves to be punished
as a vizir was once punished.

They will tell the story of the vizir
who was once punished. The End The story of the
Husband and the parrot
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