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Ebi Gruenblatt

No description

Alexandra Jones

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Ebi Gruenblatt

Ebi Gruenblatt Ebi was born on May 1,1927 in Nyirmihalydi, Hungary. She was the daughter of Morris and Margit Gruenblatt . Her parents were well respected and known. Her father was a manager of a large rural estate. She had three older brothers who admired her. She was the only female and she was the youngest. Her brothers treated her just like she was one of them. Her life before the war was just like any other average teenager. She liked going out with her friends and to do fun activities. And hanging with her family. Before Ebi seventeenth birthday, in March 1944 The Germans invaded her town and took her and her family and other Jews to the local synagogue without food or water. She and her family were then transported to a ghetto. Where they had to beg and plead for food. In late September 1944, Ebi and her mother were brought to Auschwitz. Were her and her mother worked in a factory. But eventually the area was heavily bombed by the Allies. Ebi, her mother, and others escaped, but the Germans hunted them down and returned them to the train. But the Allied soldiers finally arrived on the scene and rescued them. Ebi finally celebrated her eighteenth birthday as a free human being. Dark hair ,dark eyes and a yellow star
We are hiding away from the world, in secret
hoping, wishing, dreaming, that they will never find us.
My running days are all gone,I'm not going to see tomorrow's dawn.They want to rip our family apart and they want us to die
We walk through the rain, and snow
We have no pride left; they have ripped out our hearts, and smashed our dreams of a future Free Verse
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