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Whitman VS Dickinson

English 11

Zulfiya Usmanova

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Whitman VS Dickinson

Dickinson Whitman Compare Contrast Contrast The major difference with Emily and Walt was that Emily had short and seemingly simple poems. But Walt's poems were long and often complex. Emily's writings were much more depressing then Walt's writing was. Also Whitman uses lengthy and wordy descriptions in his poetry, but Dickinson is very straight to the point. In Comparison Whitman and Dickinson are both poets for the Romantic Era. Both poets note the importance of individualism in society. And also they reveal how nature is an important connection to God. Compare VS Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman were both poets of the nineteenth century. The similar poems that they wrote were based on Nature, death, and immortality. Contrast The major difference between Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson is that Walt was very outgoing, sociable, gregarious and he traveled a lot. But Emily was very private, shy and content. Work Cited http://voices.yahoo.com/similarities-walt-whitman-emily-dickinson-11791.html One of the differences between Whitman and Dickinson is that Whitman uses free verse while composing his essays. And Dickinson would compose her essays with complex slant and regular rhymes. Both Dickinson and Whitman were very different poets. Even though they were different they both shaped America Today. Through their relationship with nature they were able to express beautiful poetry.
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