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Motorized Bike

No description

Ian Ratteree

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Motorized Bike

This describes the process it took to put together my motorized bicycle. My Motorized Bike By: Ian Ratteree The First step that I took to put my motor bike together is that I swapped out the handlebars from the original beach cruiser bars and I put some ape hanger handlebars on it. The next step was to put on the rear sprocket This is the piece that gives the chain tension. This is a piece that makes the chain tight so that the chain will not fall off the sprocket or the gear on the motor. This is the ignition box. The spark plug connects to this as well as the kill switch to allow the engine to turn on and off. This is the gas tank This is the throttle. this is what i will turn in order to give the engine gas so that it will move forward. This is the spark plug. The spark plug creates a spark that gets the engine started and will in turn cause the piston to work which will make the motor run. This is the clutch. The clutch is what allows the motor to catch into gear and start moving or stay in an idle position. This is the carburetor. the carb takes in air and is what the throttle is connected to. This is the Engine. This is where the piston is. This is where the throttle cable connects to. This is the Chain The engine is mounted to two places on the bike the back part of the frame and the front slanted part of the frame. The great thing about this chain and sprocket is that the bike can be ridden as a motorized object or just a regular bike. This is where the clutch cable connects to so that the gears can be engaged or disengaged so that u can idle. Next, was to mount the motor on to the frame. This is a 2-stroke 66cc motor that will propel me down the street effortlessly. This is the exhaust. the sprocket is connected to the chain that runs from the engine. This is what moves the bike forward. This is a bike engine kit that i ordered in order to put this bike together. Once finished, this is what your motorized bike should look like. Enjoy and safe riding.
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