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ENGL 1215 Business Letters--Special Request and Sales

No description

Diana Schirmer

on 27 September 2018

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Transcript of ENGL 1215 Business Letters--Special Request and Sales

Chapter 4: Sales Letters
For Next Time...

What’s wrong with the sales letter on page 154 (exercise #9)

Don’t mention the direct cost
Be roundabout, or mention savings
EX: This new item will reduce your energy costs by 15% in the first month alone.
Or link prices, charges, fees to the benefits
EX: For just $10 a day, you can save a puppy from having a video camera shoved in its face

As any salesperson knows…

motivate the reader to act now (and how)

Sales Letters 4 A’s

Selling Incentive
promotes existing products among current customers
Usually offers discount, rebate, contest prize, etc.
Thank You Sales Letter
A thanks to remind them you’re still around
Holiday Celebration/Invitation Letter
gives you a chance to offer your product as a potential gift for your customers' family, friends or work associates
Begins with “We’d like to wish you a happy ….

Types of Sales Letters

Types of Sales Letters

Sales Letters

Ready to be salespeople?

Dear Mr. Duncan:

We are currently accepting bids for replacing the rail fence that borders three sides of the Doe property.
The job will include dismantling the present fence, cleaning the area, and hauling away the debris. We want to build a new five-foot high cedar fence in its place.
Attached to this letter is a detailed sketch of the property. We will secure all formal approvals in advance, so your estimate need not include city building clearances.
If you are interested in bidding, we would appreciate your quotation on or before 3:00 p.m. Friday, March 15. Send or deliver your bid to Doe Designs, 1600 Main Street, Springfield, Kansas 12345. We hope to hear from you soon.


Request for a bid/estimate

5 Rules for an Effective Request Letter


Using the four A’s (attention, appeal, application, action), pitch your product to the rest of the class
You have 30 seconds to sell your product

Your Turn to Sell…


These are
message letters

To persuade the reader to:
Buy a product
Use a service
Support a cause
Participate in an activity

Sales Letters

Review: Parts of a Formal Letter

To introduce your produce or service to new customer
Sometimes offers a trial
Product Update
Inform your current businesses of revised products
Lost Customer
designed for customers who have not purchased products or have canceled their service
: get the reader’s with your first line
Ex: Tired of running out of toner?
tell the reader how it works
descriptions, special features and guarantees
For Next Time...
Read page 115 on Sales Letters
States precise information you’re after
Short, to the point questions
Why you want the info
Give due date—when do you need info by?
And a thank you, of course
What's the greeting?
What's in the opening? body? closing?
3 more do's/don'ts?
-Learn How to Use the 4 A's of Sales
-Channel our inner Billy Mays to sell some amazing products
See SmartCarz Letter

Fix the pizza sales letter on page 154
highlight the product/service’s emotional or financial benefits
You’ve got their attention, now maintain the interest
Give deadline, incentive
You can save 20% with Tony the Toner!
our toner clumps together, so it doesn't get used up as fast as normal toner
Call now and we'll give you 2 toner packs for the price of 1!
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