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Shutter Speed

Photography Pre-Course Assignment #2

Katie Walker

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Shutter Speed

By: Kathryn Walker Shutter Speed Shutter speed is the length of time the camera's shutter stays open while taking a picture. The shutter speeds regulates the amount of light that enters the camera and is exposed to the film. What is Shutter Speed? Genres of Shutter Speed A French photographer who lived from August 22, 1908 – August 3, 2004. Henri started his photography career in 1931 after a year long hunting trip. He believed that the most important part of photography was being in the middle of the event or action around you. This man was the king of candid photography. He transformed the "street photography" style into what it is today. Henri Cartier-Bresson Popular Photographers Erwitt's professional career started in 1949 when he traveled around Italy and France. Since then, Erwitt`s work started to become universally known appearing in the Chicago Art Institute, the Smithsonian in Washington, the Kunsthaus in Zurich, and the Barbican in London. His books, journalistic essays, illustrations and advertisements have been published for over forty years. Erwitt was a big fan of children and dogs as you can tell by some of his photos. Elliot Erwitt Robert Frank “The decisive moment, it is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event as well as the precise organization of forms which gives that event its proper expression.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson "The Decisive Moment" Street Photography "The photograph itself doesn't interest me.
I want only to capture a minute part of reality."
- Henri Cartier-Bresson Born in 1934, he is a famous photographer known for his photo book called "The Americans". Frank turned to photography to get away from his business-oriented family. Frank did a lot of work as a photojournalist for magazines such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Fortune, and McCall's. Frank was not only a photographer but also a filmmaker, being apart of the making of over 20 films. After returning to his photography career Robert Frank was awarded the Hasselblad Award in 1996. Street photography is a type of documentary photography that usually captures people and places in an urban setting. A key concept about street photography is that the viewer gets the sense that the scene was unplanned. Key Points About Shutter Speed: measured in fractions of a second (e.g. 1/500th of a second)
sometimes when using a slower shutter speed, a tripod or some kind of stabilization is needed
when deciding to chose a shutter speed you need to think about the movement in the photo. Do you want what's moving to be still or a blur?
lastly you must keep in mind the focal length of your lens which can really affect the shake of your camera Shutter Speed is an effective style of photography that allows you to manipulate and alter the out-come of your photo. It has been around for quite some time and yet is still very popular. Also It can be expressed though many different themes (for example; sad more solemn styles but also happy or content styles). A positive about shooting shutter style is you can literally just point and shoot your camera in some cases and something that may seem simple, may actually turn out to be a unique and grabbing photo. In Conclusion:
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