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The First Lady's

No description

Johnathan Lee

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of The First Lady's

The First Lady's
Mary McKee in the White House
Mary McKee
Caroline Scott Harrison

Caroline Harrison was born on October 1 1832 and lived in Oxford,Ohio.As a kid Caroline had two sisters and two brothers. Her father ensured that his daughters and his sons were educated. Whenever they moved, he filled the house with books, art, and music. Religion, was important in his and the family's life. There religon was Presbyterian.
Caroline in the White House
Caroline Harrison
Offical White House Painting
Caroline Harrison

Mary McKee
By:Johnathan Aniya

Mary Scott Harrison McKee was Born April 3, 1858, and the child of President, Benjamin Harrison and his wife Caroline Scott Harrison. Following her mother's death in October 1892, Mary McKee served as her father's First Lady for the remainder of his term. He was defeated for re-election.
Mary McKee
In 1889 Caroline Harrison raised the first Christmas tree in the White House as the custom was becoming more popular. Caroline had electricity installed in the White House and made up very detailed plans to enlarge the existing building by adding an east and west wing. She also renovated the White House and got 35,000 from Congress to renovate.
In office
March 4, 1889 – October 25, 1892
Caroline's marriage
and family
Benjamin and Caroline were married on October 20, 1853 at her house. In 1854, her first child Russell was born. And in 1858, Caroline gave birth to a daughter, Mary Scott.
Mary McKee is the most recent First Lady of the United States who was not married to the sitting president. Mary McKee followed as hostess when her mother died so she took on the role of moderzing the white since her mother unfortunate death.
In office
October 25 1892- March 4 1893
Mary McKee's marriage and family
In Novemeber 1884, Mary McKee married James Robert McKee in Madison,Indiana. Mary had two childen named, Bejamin McKee and Mary McKee.
Illness and
Mary McKee died at the age of 72, of an unfortunate death. And her mother died at the age of 60 of tuberculosis.
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