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Social Networking Theme Unit

A Social Networking Theme Unit for grade 5 and 6 students. Lesson plans, objectives, modifications, adaptations, and full documentation available for download (link at end of presentation).

James Petersen

on 14 January 2011

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Transcript of Social Networking Theme Unit

theme unit: Lesson Plans and activities a good unit? Research shows that students prefer to spend time online (using social media) compared to watching television. http://www.socialnetworkingwatch.com/2010/09/how-tweens-teens-use-social-media-report.html what so, makes how does this relate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnE73fUxVq8 for cycle three classes Duration: 4 weeks Introduction Lesson Plan Evaluations Evaluation of
student learning Blogs "Pen Pals" Video Conferencing Asynchronous Audio-Visual Communication Conclusion Field Trips Justification to parents A proactive approach to a controversial topic Differentiated in the classroom Cyber Bullying WebQuest to previous learning Instruction What can be made to the lesson plans? evaluation tools adaptations How can we for diverse learners? For more information, please download the unit plan. http://tinyurl.com/336xxmh ClassBook Group Work Lesson plans, rubric, resources, and documentation Evaluating the unit checklists rubric teachable moments student reflection Theme as a teaching tool students will produce a blog and respond to others create appropriate content critical evaluation of internet content examine various ways to communicate complete a web quest Cross Curricular Competencies Subject Specific Competencies Broad Areas of Learning modifications and adapt our Any Questions? a framework for teaching and learning Candice Madden, Carleigh Moore, Doris Medeiros and James Petersen present During the unit, find out
when you're Discussion Forums to the theme of the theme Choice of project format Questions and presentation Evaluation Rubric video calibration go here then go here
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