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p2-Aryn Tolk

No description

Know Strength

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of p2-Aryn Tolk

Mesopotamia Welcome to These are not school classes, but life classes. If you had a lot of moola (money) you were in the higher class. If you didn't have a lot of moola you were in the lower classes, and if you didn't have anything you were a slave and would be sold to the upper class people. Classes The Mesopotamia's were really smart so they could invent things like, moola (money), wheel, irrigation, written language, cosmetic sets, and much more. Some of the words they made we still use today like saffron, which is a spice, or crocus, a flower. Inventions Mesopotamia means the land between two rivers. The two rivers Mesopotamia's between is the Tigris River and the Euphrates River. If you are looking for Mesopotamia look for the Red Sea (it looks like a peace hand.) Then go to the right and you found it! Location There was lots of kings in Mesopotamia. One of the kings was Gilgamesh. He was kings of Uruk. He was believed to be two thirds of a god. He was a nice man he prayed for food, safety, and fun! Kings The Mesopotamia's believed in education. They wanted there sons to read and write . They had pictographs (pictures that acted as words.) They wrote a bout Great stories, Adventures, what they bought and owned, and facts about City-States. Cuneiform Ziggurats are temple. They were there for religion. On the top level religious ceremonies were held but only the priests can go up there. There was a ziggurat at the center of every town. If you were a priest you could see so much from the top of the ziggurat like, farmlands, and the protective wall. Ziggurats
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