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Dylan Anders

on 24 May 2016

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Transcript of Birds

Company Logo
By Dylan, Riley, Jeremy, and Josh
~ Birds ~
What makes a bird a bird
Peacock's Diet
Bald Eagle
Scientific name is Haliaeetus Leucocepharus
Describing the Peacock
The white feathers have a pearlescent quality about them and reflect a different hue depending on the viewing angle. Also, The Peacock Has a Very long Neck. They lay hard shelled eggs, it reminds be as a turkey.
It has wing which help it fly and some swim very well
A bird has feathers that helps it keep itself warm
Birds lay hard-shell eggs
Nature's most beautiful
The Bald Eagle is vertebrate because it has a spine.
Bald Eagles can build nests that can weigh around a thousand pounds.
By: Dylan A. - Riley M. - Josh D. - Jeremy S.
Bald Eagles habitat
Most Bald Eagles live in tropical rain forest's , taigas, and desert grassland
Some are also found in tundras
Bald Eagles Diet
Bald Eagles are carnivores, so they only eat meat.Bald Eagles eat fish, chicken, ducks, snakes, turtles, rabbits, frogs,and fawns "baby deer".
Bald Eagles have sharp talons "feet" and can use them to fight, or to grab their pray
Bald Eagles also have sharp beaks for pecking flesh or to bite.
Bald Eagles have huge wings that help them fly around 60mph and then when they dive they go around 75-99mph.
Bald Eagles reproduction
Bald Eagles reproduce sexually. Bald Eagles are born in hard eggs and it takes about 34 days for them to hatch.
Peacocks actively hunt insects such as: ants, crickets and termites, millipedes, and other arthropods and small mammals.
Domesticated peafowl may also eat bread and cracked grain such as oats, corn, cheese, cooked rice, and sometimes cat food.

Poison Oak
Scientific name Toxicodendron Diversilobum
They are found mostly in woodlands, forests, and grassy hillsides.
What poison oak looks like
Poison oak can grow as shrubs or as a climbing vine.There three leaves that have scalloped edges. Poison oak can come in many colors like bronze, a bright green, yellow green, and reddish depending on the season. Poison oak can live up to 5 years till it dies.
Poison oak adaptations
Poison oak is a angiosperm.
Poison oak have special leaves that protect itself and these leaves have a special oil. This oil is called urushiol and when this oil binds with the nutrients in you're skin you're body reacts to it, so that what causes the itching and the rash. Another is that poison oak produce berries and these berries are very poisonous. The berries have crystal needles called oxalates and they cause pain and swelling to the lips, face, tongue, and skin.
Plant animal interaction
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