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CDTA FY12-13 Contracting in 3D

Contract Development & Technical Assistance

Eric Whitney

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of CDTA FY12-13 Contracting in 3D

What's New for Contract Development FY 2013-14
FY12-13 Templates
Inter-departmental Coordinated Products
Funding Notification
Documents Preparation Finalized
Contract Negotiations
What’s New for FY13-14
Next Steps
Today's Overview
Inter-departmental Working Groups
Standardized procedures and expectations across all areas of contract development
FY12-13 Templates and Tools
Funding Notifications
Contract Negotiation activities
Document preparation & Submission
Inter-departmental Coordinated Products
Contract Negotiations
A two step process:
Pre-Negotiation Meetings
Negotiation Meetings
Contract Negotiations
Pre-Negotiation - Purpose
Pre-Negotiation Meeting - an
internal DPH meeting
led by the CDTA Program Manager
Specific to each contracting agency

Purpose of this Meeting
To discuss current contracting and programmatic issues
To prepare DPH staff for face-to-face negotiations with the contractor
To encourage clear communication among all parties involved with the contract development process
Action items from this meeting are communicated to the contractor via the
Recommendations Summary
New Contracts:
New Funding is awarded to a contractor as a result of an RFP
Contract Renewal:

Contracts are complex -- funded by multiple funding sources, managed by multiple SOC, multiple programs, history of Corrective Action Plan
Contracts receive over 10 million dollars during the contract term
Problems are identified during the previous fiscal year by SOC, BOCC or CDTA
Other Reasons:
SOC wishes to make programmatic changes to an existing contract
The contractor is requesting a negotiation
Significant Funding Changes need to be made to an Existing Contract
Pre-Negotiation - When Required?
A Negotiation Meeting is an
external meeting
led by the CDTA Program Manager during which all issues pertaining to development of a contract are discussed with the contractor.
The purpose of the contract negotiation is to discuss with the contractor all aspects of the contract development process, including scope of work and rates.
Negotiation - Purpose
During the negotiation meeting, the provider should be prepared to:
Discuss how the agency plans to incorporate recommendations into the contract
Discuss issues of concern
Limit the number of staff invited to the meeting
New Contract Checklist
Interdepartmental Coordinated Product
Quality Assurance Tool
Reflects Standards
Will help speed efficiency in contract processing time
Contract Checklist - Steps to a Perfect Contract!
What’s New for FY13-14
Cost of Doing Business
Funding Notifications
Contract Development Tools – Appendix A & B
Contract Compliance
Grants Administration
Cultural Competency
Cost of Doing Business (CODB)
The Mayor’s Office funded a one percent CODB increase, effective July 1, 2012
The Board of Supervisors funded a one percent CODB increase, effective August 1, 2012
DPH will allocate these combined amounts as a 1.91 percent CODB increase in FY12-13, effective July 1, 2012
The full two percent CODB will be allocated on July 1, 2013
The CODB increase is based on an agency’s total General Fund allocation, i.e. both personnel and operating expenses
Cost of Doing Business (CODB)
Grant-funded projects/staff are
from the calculation of the City’s General Fund supported CODB increase
Both HIV Prevention and HIV Health Services received a substantial addback of General Fund monies to make up for reduced Federal grant dollars (backfill)
The CODB increase for these two sections is based on
FY11-12 General Fund
levels prior to the FY12-13 addback; therefore, there is no CODB funding allocated to the previously grant funded portion of the contracts
FY12-13 Funding Notifications
Funding Notifications are currently in process and will be prioritized as follows:
With no funding changes – Funding Notifications will be sent out in early July
With funding changes – Funding Notifications will be sent out after internal pre-negotiations or contract negotiations as determined by the CDTA Program Manager
CODB increase will be listed as a separate line in the funding detail of each Funding Notification
Contract Development Tools
Appendix A
Section 7 - Measurable Program Objectives
Section 8 - Continuous Quality Improvement
Additional enhancements for MHSA-funded programs
Appendix B, programs other than CBHS
No enhancements to Appendix B; however, for best results, follow the latest budget instructions and use the latest budget forms (FY12-13)
Submitting Documents
Finalized documents must be submitted directly to your CDTA Program Manager
not send
to CDTAunit@sfdph.org
CDTA Program Managers …"With a Little Help From My Friends…"
San Francisco Department of Public Health
Community Programs, Business Office
Contract Development & Technical Assistance (CDTA)
June 2013

Utilizing sound business practices, CDTA facilitates the development of city health delivery system contracts, thus ensuring the availability of community services that protect and promote the health of all San Franciscans.
New Contract Checklist
CBHS Appendix B Forms & Instructions:
All CBHS contract providers must have a Provider Name and Provider Number registered with the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS). This is now required for both MH and SA contractors regardless of what type of service is delivered or the funding source.
Registered names must match the
National Plan & Provider Enumeration System
(NPPES) registry
The first step is to register for an NPI (National Provider Identifier) at:
When invoicing, use ONLY the FY12-13 invoice template that is sent by the invoice analyst to avoid payment delays
CBHS Appendix B & Invoicing
Duane Einhorn
Director, Contract Compliance
Community Programs
Department of Public Health
(415) 255-3471
Contract Compliance
Planning for Contractors

Toni Rucker
Director of Health Equity, Cultural Competence and Workforce Development
San Francisco Department of Public Health
(415) 255-3522
Cultural Competency
Cultural Competency (CC) staff reconvene stakeholder planning group--July & August 2012
CC work group identify
Evidence-based Practices
(EBPs) for CC Plan foundation--July 2012
Identify EBPs for training plan & develop outline for training curriculum--August 2012
CC staff work with Office of Quality Management (OQM) staff to develop and finalize evaluation plan for final CC Report--August-September 2012
Cultural Competency
CC Staff Draft Training Plan--August-September 2012
CC work group to finalize Training Outline, Content, and Timeline -- September 2012
Training calendar developed & publicized to Contractor staff--September 2012
Trainings provided for staff October--December 2012
Cultural Competency
CC Plan due--January 2013
CC Plan reviewed by CC staff--January-February 2013
CC report results summary shared with Community Programs staff, Contractors, & Health Commission --February 2013
Cultural Competency
Certification Process Begins
Wait for your funding notification before you start your contract documents
Use the new forms as discussed here, and send via email to your CDTA Program Manager
Use the new Contract Checklist as you prepare your documents
Update your insurance
Prepare your subcontracts for submission at the time of your first invoice for services
Let your CDTA Program Manager know if there are changes needed for your FY12-13 contract
Call your CDTA Program Manager if you have any questions about information presented today
Next Steps
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