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Shakespeare & The Globe Theater

Shakespeare and his theater

Kelli Gregory

on 12 April 2010

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Transcript of Shakespeare & The Globe Theater

Double click anywhere & add an idea Shakespeare and The Globe Theater

Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-avon, England.

William Shakespeare
1564-1616 Shakespeare's parents were John and Mary Arden.
He had seven siblings in all, but only four of them survived past childhood. At 18 years of age, William married the 26 year old Anne Hathaway.
They had 3 children together: Susanna and twins, Hamnet and Judith. In his lifetime, William wrote 37 plays and 154 Sonnets. William wrote three different categories of plays:
1. Comedies
2. Tragedies
3. Histories Shakespearean comedy:
A play with a happy ending.
These plays are usually light-hearted
and end with a marriage. Shakespearean tragedy:
A play with a tragic ending,
usually depicting the fall of a
notable person. The plot usually
contains some tragic twist of fate.
Shakespearean History:
These plays were mostly based
on the lives of English Kings of the past. These plays focus on the social and political lives of the characters.
Romeo and Juliet is an example of a
Shakespearean Tragedy.

Romeo is a Montague and Juliet is a Capulet,
and these two families bitterly hate each other.
This feud is what ultimately lead to the title
characters' suicides. The Globe Theater:
Shakespeare's plays were performed in
the Globe Theater, which he owned a
percentage of. In Shakespeare's time, only
men were allowed to perform on stage.
Young men and boys typically played the roles
of women because they were smaller and typically
had more feminine voices.
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