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Postive Working Practice

No description

Tracy Richmond-hughes

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Postive Working Practice

Positive Working Practice
By Tracy R-H
case study--- the impact on Hilary
Anti-discriminatory practice
Person centered planning
Needs-led assessment
Person-centered planning
Anti-discriminatory practice
Needs- led Assessment
How can positive working practice impact on the client?
codes of practice
Positive working practice
Codes of Practice
We are going to look at good working practices for people with additional needs and how these can positively impact on their experiences.
This can be seen within guidance criteria in the ‘hands-on’ way that health and social care workers work with people with additional needs.

What is positive working practices promoted with the support & guidance for Hilary?
promoting what within every day care....
To ensure that staff provide postive working environment they need to follow
Codes of practice
are set by professions and provide guidance as to how you work within that profession.
Examples include the:
Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) code of practice for nurses and midwives
General Social Care Council (GSCC) code of practice for social care workers.
What is included within the codes of practice ?

you will need to discuss Codes of practice wiin the assignment.
Policies often a reflection of government legislation and demonstrate how organisations should be putting laws into practice.
Every workplace must have policies on equal opportunities and health and safety
Positive working practice build self-esteem
promote the rights of people, and
empower them to have control over their lives.
How did this support Hilary , what postive working practice did the staff follow to ensure Hilary was reached her potential?
How would this raise her self esteem?
What do these mean?

Why are they so important?
Involves placing the individual at the centre of any process.
The emphasis is on the service user having as much control over the process as possible.
This will ensure that the service user has decision-making powers and therefore the service should fit their individual needs more appropriately.
Service providers and workers may need to adapt their method of working to accommodate the users, such as changing meeting times or venues.
How effective is person centered planning for Hilary?
This is about service users being able to make their own choices.
When working with individuals with additional needs, it is important to ensure that as much as possible they have the power to make decisions, or are involved in decisions that affect them.

can you list areas in Hilary's life that you felt she was empowered.
This includes looking first at what requirements the individual has and then building a service or services that meet these needs.

All a person’s needs should be assessed .

The emphasis is not on the person being assessed fitting in with a specific service but on services meeting the needs of the service user.
In the case study Hilary-- when did the needs led assessment work best to promote Hilarys needs, wishes and preferences?
Ensuring that you avoid assumptions or stereotypical views about people.
Discriminatory practice could occur through
assuming that all people are the same, or by stereotyping people.
It is important to treat people as individuals, ensuring that they all have equal access to services and to challenge any discriminatory practice that may occur.
How did staff promote Anti-discrinnation practice to ensure that she wsn;t sterotyped?
Enabling means to allow or facilitate.
doing everything possible to empower the service user to make their own decisions and live as independent a life as possible.
It is not just about doing things for people with additional needs, but enabling them to do things for themselves.
Group Discussion
Do codes of practice, charters, policies and procedures affect, how we meet the individual needs of others?

What is a care value ?
In small groups, I want you to identify care values, how health care practitioners should promote them.

share your thoughts and ideas with the whole group.
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