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No description

yasmin seyed salehi

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of THE GRIM GROTTO

THE END. THE GRIM GROTTO THE INTRODUCTION BY : LEMONY SNICKET THE AUTHOR born February 28, 1970 Pen name Lemony Snicket Real name Daniel Handler Wrote several children books Writing a book called All the Wrong Questions ( Daniel Handler) Inventor
Eldest Baudelaire
14 years old
Ties hair when thinking+
Ribbon VIOLET KLAUS Researcher Middle Baudelaire Bookworm of the family SUNNY Youngest Baudelaire
Sharp teeth
Helped them in many books
Is a cook
Likes biting things S ETTINGS Stricken Stream Then in submarine In cone shaped grotto
On Briny Beach AUDIENCE grades 4-6
Ages 8-11
Might be scary for little kids
Big words Wont understand OPINIONS Gave it a 10 on 10
Had lots of details
Big words
Couldn't stop reading So exciting SUMMARY GENDER I will read my summary to you. Adventure
Because of label.
Says adventure Lots of exciting and dangerous journeys listen to the journey of the Baudelaires in Grim Grotto.
Just listen
Exciting and terrible Hi Dont know when it takes place
Guessing in our time Hope you wanna read my book! Hope you liked it! JUST. DO. IT. OR ELSE.............. NOT REALLY.
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