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Safety Signs

No description

kashif NADEEM

on 24 July 2013

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Transcript of Safety Signs

Safety Signs
A Training Workshop
Kalibre Muhendislik

Introduction to Safety Signs

Introduction to Safety Signs

This way signs for emergency
exits and escape routes.

Information Signs

First aid post.

Emergency telephone for first aid or escape.

Information Signs

Emergency exit
Route signs

Information Signs


This way signs for fire.

Fire Signs

Safety helmets must be worn.

Safety overalls must be worn.

Mandatory Signs

No access for industrial vehicles.

No smoking.

Prohibition Signs

Emergency exit.
Route signs.

Information Signs

Emergency fire telephone.

Fire extinguisher.

Fire hose reel.

Fire Signs

Oxidant materials.

Toxic materials.

Radioactive materials.

Warning Signs

Non-ionising radiation.


Overhead load.

Warning Signs

Laser beam.

Low temperature.

Strong magnetic field.

Warning Signs

General danger.

Harmful or irritant material.

Industrial vehicle.

Warning Signs


Explosive materials.

Flammable materials or high temperature.

Warning Signs

Biological risk.

Corrosive materials.

Danger :- electricity.

Warning Signs

Respiratory equipment must be worn.

Safety gloves must be worn.

Safety harness must be worn.

Mandatory Signs

Face protection must be worn.

General mandatory sign, to be accompanied where necessary by another sign.

Pedestrians must use this route.

Mandatory Signs

Safety boots must be worn.

Ear protection must be worn.

Eye protection must be worn.

Mandatory Signs

No access for unauthorized persons.

No naked flame.

No access for pedestrians.

Prohibition Signs

Do not drink.

Do not extinguish with water.

Do not touch.

Prohibition Signs



Safety shower.

Information Signs

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